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33rd Annual Charleston Conference:  Charleston 6-9 November 2013

Presenting panel discussion

Database Design and Business Resources
With the rise of the Web, deep data mining from international resources is taking place. Compiling and accessing the data is one thing, but designing databases that allow users to easily identify economic, cultural, and sociological trends in the larger business world-wide requires the talents of veteran designers. This panel discussion will explore the variety of electronic data now available and what design considerations are necessary to harness the data for optimal use. Participating will be Roger Press of Academic Charts Online, a representative from Billboard magazine, Mike Phillips (a reference and ILL librarian at the College of Charleston), and a colleague from ProQuest.




ASM iGroup, 18-21 January 2014

AEC Pop and Jazz Platform Meeting 2014 Trieste, Italy, 14-15 February 2014.  Association Européenne des Conservatoires

Music Library Association , Atlanta 26 Feb-2 March 2014

IASPM-US (International Association for the Study of Popular Music)  Chapel Hill 13-16 March 2014

IASPM-UK , Edinburgh 24 January 2014

London Book Fair , London 8-10 April 2014

IAML-UKCambridge (Palm Sunday Weekend 11-13 April 2014)
IASPM-UK , Manchester, 11 April 2014
IAML (International Association of Music Libraries)  Antwerp, 13-18 July 2014
IASPM Thailand 8-9 August 2014  



The team which invented Classical Music Library continues with innovation in music scholarship, with the new resource launched at MLA in 2012 - ACO Music Data Analysis.





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