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Academic Rights Press offers one of the world's largest collections in scholarly resources for Philosophy. These resources cover all four areas of scholarly publishing and bibliographic databases:


eBooks: The InteLex portfolio featuring the complete works of key philosophers from Aristotle to Wittgenstein.

Journals: The Philosophy Documentation Centre collection of over 100 scholarly journals on all aspects of 


Abstract & Index database: The Philosophy Research Index the largest bibliographic database of philosophical 


DirectoryInternational Directory of Philosophy listing of philosophical activity in 130 countries around the world 

InteLex major subject disciplines in the Past Masters series

Complete title listing      PM - Philosophy      PM - English Letters       PM - Women Writers


Philosophy Documentation Centre principle publishing areas

Journals       Philosophy Research Index       International Directory of Philosophy and Philosophers

UNIVERSITY PRESS publishers: Many of the world's largest university presses publish significant Philosophy lists, 

which are available as collections at special prices: 


Amsterdam University Press

Columbia University Press

Princeton University Press

Chicago University Press



The scholarly and trade publications of AUP are available in Dutch or English and relate to subjects in the area of
humanities (language and literature, history, film studies, art) and social sciences. AUP’s mission is to support and
stimulate academic knowledge by way of academic publications. The quality of the contents of these publications
is therefore most important. The four editorial advisory councils, consisting of prominent and knowledgeable Dutch
and Belgian scholars, judge all publications based on their academic standards. 
The philosophy collection includes 18 key titles.


Download the collection bookdata (in excel)  


Columbia University Press was founded in 1893 and is the fourth-oldest university press in the United States. The
Press currently publishes approximately 160 new titles every year in the fields of Asian studies and literature,
biological sciences, business, culinary history, current affairs, economics, environmental sciences, film and media
studies, finance, history, international affairs, literary studies, Middle Eastern studies, New York City history,
philosophy, neuroscience, paleontology, political theory, religion, and social work. 
The Philosophy collection consists of 35 books by leading scholars.

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Over the past century, Princeton University Press has published a great many influential books across a broad
spectrum of disciplines that have enriched the cultural, academic, and scientific landscape. Princeton University
Press seeks so publish the innovative works of the greatest minds in academia, from the most respected senior
scholar to the extraordinarily promising graduate student, in each of the disciplines in which they publish. 
The Philosophy Collection includes 50 books.

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The University of Chicago Press is the largest university press in the United States.The Books Division of the
University of Chicago Press has been publishing books for scholars, students, and general readers since 1892
and has published over 11,000 books since its founding. The Philosophy Collection includes 50 books
published in the last few years by leading scholars.

Download the collection bookdata (in excel)