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Cambridge International Science Publishing

Cambridge International Science Publishing





DESCRIPTION: Cambridge International Science Publishing (CISP) is a leading publisher of selected books and journals from the Russian Academy of Sciences on materials science, physics, chemistry, applied mathematics, information science and engineering. Books are also sources from the Russian institute Fizmatlit which publishes on Physics and Matematics.

UNIQUE FEATURE: The only collection offering translations of key Russian science publications in the areas of materials science, physics, chemistry and engineering.These authors collaborate with professors at MIT, Laurence Livermore and other leading US institutions.


SPECIAL FEATURES: Unique and hard to find translated publications by leading Russian scientists including niche scientific fields such as plasma physics.




  • Database of 90 of books with 15 added per year


  • This collection covers the following subject disciplines:





            Materials Science & Metallurgy


            Mechanochemistry & Mechanical Alloying



            Plasma Science

            Polymer Science

            Powder Metallurgy

            Welding and NDT



  • This authoritative collection will appeal to students, scientists and engineers of academic, specialist and research institutions involved in cutting edge materials science, physics, chemistry and engineering.




KEY AUTHORS: World-class educators including Prof. Mikhael F Zhukov, one of the leading Russian scientists in the area of plasma science and technology, Yong Zhu of the Massachussetts Institute of Technology and A A Askadskii. 

BENEFIT TO THE USER: Vital analysis and information concerning niche fields of physics and engineering.AUDIENCE & TARGET MARKETS:


AUDIENCE: Scientists, students and engineers in academic and research institutions, specialist libraries


PRIMARY MARKET: Academic and corporate libraries


SECONDARY MARKET: Government libraries


URL: www.cisp-publishing.com