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New, Unique Data Sets

Instant access to the world’s largest collection of music and entertainment data for librarians, academics, researchers, business and the humanities.

New research - new understandings - new insights -  your new competitive edge.

“This is a GREAT database… a model for databases of the future.”

St. Catherine University

The Math and the Magic

  • Current and historical sales data from Billboard and others that goes back to the 1950s

  • *New* Spotify, Shazam, Apple Music, iTunes

  • Over 53 million data points

  • Data from 74 countries

  • Chart ranking positions and awards

  • 3971 chart types from K-pop to Classical

  • All genres

  • Multi artist/chart/territory analysis

  • Attractive, easy to understand visualisation tools

  • Weekly updates

  • Copyright-cleared audio and video samples, sales graphs, articles

  • No expertise in statistics required

Imagine… the world’s entire music streaming history at your fingertips – Spotify, Shazam, Apple Music, iTunes?

Imagine being able to link data on music from around the world with industry trends, commercial information and artist biographies.

Imagine… a social, political, economic and cultural Systems Theory context for music sales and streaming data?

Well here it all is!

Music ID is widely used in courses and research covering:

  • Music Business

  • Introductory courses on History of Rock etc.

  • Classical and Jazz courses tracking performance history

  • Entertainment Industry

  • Mus​i​c and Society

  • Film & Media Studies

  • Cultural Studies

  • Business Studies

  • Political Science and social change

  • History and Statistics

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All the Data you Need… all in one Place

Music ID is the world’s only single source provider of historical and current data from Billboard, Official Chart Company, Spotify, Shazam, Apple Music, iTunes

from 74 countries around the world.

Fresh data brought together in uniquely useful ways.

  • Create fresh perspectives on music trends

  • Quantify the cultural impact of music

  • Reveal previously invisible patterns

  • Clarify new and original insights

Get the whole picture. See it. Study it. Share it.

Use music ID to tell the story of the impact of music on society and cultures.

“Music ID provides us with a statistical metanarrative for popular culture”

Jasmine Shadrack at Northampton University

International stream counts

Links to Leading Music Journals

Instant links to leading popular music journals; including Cambridge University Press' Popular Music, Wiley's Journal of Popular Music Studies, and Taylor and Francis' Popular Music and Society and Rock's Backpages.

World Events

Identify the impact of music on political science, cultural studies, american studies and music history with economic, political, entertainment, sporting and scientific key fact context using for each year.

Proven, created in close consultation with experienced music librarians, and academics Music ID is an essential academic tool for scholars, students and researchers across music and social sciences.


MusicWeb helps you make the connections and gives you more context for any artist or group you study with bios, videos and related artists.

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Country data available by region, country, date and compared across artists and countries

Multiple data sets sortable and accessible