See Music ID’s *new* data sources:

  • New and unique to Music ID from 2017– contemporary streaming data

  • Spotify (including weekly stream count). Shazam. iTunes. Apple Music

  • Over 3,970 chart types updated weekly

  • 74 countries covered

  • Uniquely available at Music ID

Legacy Country Data: All data sets commence from the earliest inception date from the 1950s sourced from the authorised provider (Billboard, IFPI, GfK Entertainment, ARIASpotify, Shazam, iTunes and more).

Historical data sets since the 1950s

 Americas  USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile
 Asia/Pacfic  Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, India, Australia, New Zealand
 Europe  Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands,  France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark,  Russia, UK, Ukraine, Bulgaria

Exports: Data sets can be exported into spreadsheets, or as high quality graphs of the precise recordings and time period selected by the user. We provide the data. You provide the meaning. You find new insights using big data in an intuitive platform (or export the data to your analytical system).

The image below shows a typical search for a popular artist, with data presented from over 30 countries. 

The full details of the data sets are in the spreadsheet below.

An example of streaming data for an artist, including stream count.