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Case Studies

Introduces fascinating research questions which could not be 
answered before.
Norma Coates, Don Wright Faculty of Music at University of Western Ontario

Music ID has the capability to describe the impact on music of social, political and economic events worldwide. The sales rankings tell the story of the impact of music on society and cultures.

Quantify the cultural impact of music.

Data for your insights. See what's invisible to others.

Aristotle, "The soul never thinks without an image".

What unique need does Music ID address?
See the whole picture in new ways. Data is brought together in a way that makes it uniquely useful.
  • Comprehensive authenticated data sets from inception in the 1950s to the present.
  • Free Internet lists do not offer the completeness, authority, analytical platform and reliable data of Music ID.
  • See what could not be ‘seen’ before across 30 countries. The data reveals patterns which were not visible before.
What does Music ID do that customers cannot do for themselves?
  • Trusted, complete and authenticated licensed data sets. Get beyond individual weekly snapshots on the free Internet. 
  • Flexible platform for analysis across different artists and countries covering all genres of music.
  • Overcome the 'data smog' of the free Internet (Time Magazine). Gather insights across all genres of music in 30 countries.
  • Keep at the forefront of research with authentic ‘big data’ revealing new insights.

Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Sound of Music, Dr. Zhivago explained

A selected list of recent research by scholars whose findings have been developed through Music ID.

Entertainment Industry

Music, Musicals, Films in the mid 1960s - making the impact visible

American TV in the 1960s and music of the times. Give me 1965, not a particular week but a trend.

Show me the context of 1964 when the Rolling Stones made their first US tour.

First evolutionary history of 50 years of music charts using big data analysis of sounds. Our partners at Queen Mary University have studied the evolution of pop music bringing together evolutionary biologists and computer scientists. 

Business Studies

Show me how a major record label launches a classical artist like Nicola Benedetti.

The impact of David Bowie with his Berlin Trilogy and forty years later his most recent release 'The Next Day'.

Show me how a music company takes decisions about which label to use for an artist. How does this affect the marketing campaigns?

Mumford and Sons: what is the extent of the impact on sales of their wins in the 55th Grammy's which propelled them to a level of attention they had not experienced before?

Cultural Studies

Hip-Hop Demographics by Mike D'Errico, UCLA Musicology and Digital Humanities

Rock Deaths and Chart Success by Mimi Haddon, PhD Student in Musicology, McGill University

Show the point where Nirvana overtook Michael Jackson in January 1992 and compare to other artists at the time (Metallica, U2, Natalie Cole).

Disco Demolition Night by Brian Wright, PhD Student in Musicology, Case Western Reserve University

Gender Studies

Popular Music and Celebrity Feminism by Mimi Haddon, PhD Student in Musicology, McGill University

LGBTQ Pop Pre- and Post-Stonewall by Mike D'Errico, UCLA Musicology and Digital Humanities

Political Science

Blur and Oasis - A Music Rivalry and Cultural Anxiety by Brian Wright, Case Western Reserve University

Comparing International Success by Brian Wright, Case Western Reserve University

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