“Indispensable”. “Groundbreaking”. “A game changer”. Just a few of the kind words that Music ID users have shared about the power of the Music ID platform.

"It will make music librarians wonder how we got by without it until now."
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'Note's review, Music Library Association

Music ID is a groundbreaking research source, one that brings together for the first time, sound recording sales charts for a wide variety of music genres from around the world. Its search interface is intuitive and returns quickly-comprehensible results, which can in turn be manipulated in useful ways... overall Music ID provides a very solid value for the price. Music ID content is tremendously valuable; the charts from which it derives its data go back, in some cases, more than 60 years... the product already fills such a significant need for music researchers.  Read the full testimonial
- Rick Anderson, The Charleston Advisor, 15 August 2013

"ACO [Music ID]...set(s) itself apart from other online music resources by using analytical tools to gauge the impact of classical, jazz, and pop music all over the world. Using more than 60 years of music-chart data, and updated on a weekly basis, ACO [Music ID] allows users to compare and contrast, critically examine, and interpret reams of music-chart data with a simple click of the mouse... Any curious researcher exploring music and culture will find a fascinating trove of information here." Read the full testimonial
Michael Tosko, Booklist, journal of the American Library Association

"Music ID’s...set(s) itself apart from other online music resources by using analytical tools to gauge the impact of classical, jazz, and pop music all over the world."
Booklist Online

"Music ID is an indispensable tool in examining chart data for the sales of sound recordings in countries around the world. I believe Music Industry Data will be valuable to everyone from scholars to casual music fans, and it should be considered an essential resource for any library that deals with the study of popular music."
Andy Leach, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

"In short, the database should be of significant value to any institution with courses of study in pop music and history of contemporary Western music."
University of Hong Kong

"…provides us with a statistical meta-narrative of popular culture…"
Jasmine Shadrack, University of Northampton

"We set up access and have been very pleased with it and its application across the curriculum, not just in music…"
Bowling Green State University

'The display of all of this information is infinitely helpful, especially compared with visiting all of the sources needed to generate the chart information, but the truly exceptional uses of this product come into play with its native analytics. These tools allow the user to select albums or singles from any search and compare performance in absolute and relative terms.

While music librarians will immediately see the use of this product for common questions, general reference librarians should also welcome the ability to discover this data - that could be useful for questions in culture studies, business, international studies, and more - without needing expertise in hard-to-find sources. This is a source that deserves to be part of the core resources for academic libraries whose patrons have any interest in music and one that will make many music librarians wonder how we got by without it until now.'

'Note's review, Music Library Association

This is a GREAT database and is especially useful for the integrative features it has--indeed, I think this is a model for a lot of databases of the future.
St. Catherine University

“Time saving - it would require pulling out the books and spending a day to derive insights which take a minute in Music ID.”
Norma Coates, Don Wright Faculty of Music at University of Western Ontario

“Great for comparative analysis of artists”
Marci Cohen, Librarian at Berklee, Boston

“Very useful to find alternative recordings of the same mood, which can be cleared for worldwide use in TV programmes”
Alice Godfrey, Channel 4 TV, London

The MUSIC ID database was extremely helpful as I researched pro-war music produced in the 1960s and 1970s. The database gave me quick access to all the chart data I needed – far more data than on the public archive. But what made it especially useful was its ability to show connections between different songs and different artists allowing me to reach unforeseen conclusions. The database allowed me to create graphs comparing chart data from different songs with only a few clicks. Normally this would have taken hours of research tracking and recording the limited Billboard rankings just 10 deep available on their archive of each song and then manually creating a graph from that data.
Christine Hayes, Religious Studies Chair, Yale University
Ethan DellaRocca, Researcher at Choate Hall

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