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InteLex Corporation's PAST MASTERS series encompasses the world's largest collection of full-text
electronic editions in philosophy. The series also includes significant collections in political
thought, religious studies, sociology, the history of science, economics, and classics. Original
language texts are available in Latin, French, German, Danish and Dutch, aside from English and
English translation.

Each Past Masters collection from InteLex is affordably-priced and can be acquired individually on a 
perpetual rights model, with unlimited user access and IP authentication - allowing customers 
to build their own, bespoke digital library of texts and to add new components, to meet faculty and 
student needs, at a time that suits them. Institutions acquiring collections from Past Masters can 
support their print-to-digital programs and free up precious space within the library, whilst broadening 
and easing access to the materials for researchers wherever and whenever they need it.

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Review 1 June 2015

by Cheryl LaGuardia, Widener Library, Harvard University

"Astonishing in breadth and depth, the content in this formidable file, as well as the research 
material included in every one of the scholarly editions available, is superb throughout."

"This title should be owned by every research library serving serious scholars in the humanities."

Forthcoming Fall/Winter 2017:
Collected Works of Bernard Mandeville (English, Latin, English translation) 
The Presocratics (Greek)

Past Master Commons
Works of Dugald Stewart 
The Minute Logic of C. S. Peirce 
OUP James Legge editions of Chinese classics (English translation with original Chinese)

New 2016:

New 2015:

New 2014:
The Works of St. Augustine (4th Release) - Includes the "City of God" volumes.
Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling - Sämmtliche Werke (Stuttgart/Augsburg 1856-61, reissue 1927ff).
Luther's Works - Digital Edition in 55 volumes, Jaroslav Pelikan (Editor), Helmut T. Lehmann (General Editor)
L.N. Tolstoy - Complete works, Л. Н. Топстой. Полное Собрание Сочинений. 91 volume series of Tolstoy's 
literary output.

New 2013:
Daniel Defoe - Complete works
Malebranche, Simone Weil - Editions Gallimard
Ockham, Scotus, St Bonaventura - The Franciscan Institute
Women's Studies - Pickering & Chatto
Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm Briefwechsel, Kritische Ausgabe - Hirzel Verlag's critical edition: correspondence 
of the brothers Grimm
Sigmund Freud: Das gesamte Werk - the most comprehensive edition ever assembled of texts from 
Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)

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In the world of scholarly electronic publishing, InteLex continues to get it right, as they have 
from the beginning: working closely with scholarly editors, selecting high-quality editions to 
digitize, marking them up carefully and well according to international standards, and permitting 
libraries either to rent them over the Internet or to purchase, own and locally house them, as we 
do print editions—all at reasonable prices. I recommend InteLex databases to libraries 
wholeheartedly, not only because they are superior publications and a good deal, but also 
because InteLex is the kind of electronic publisher that academic libraries need most in the 21st 
century. — Scott Dennis, Humanities Librarian and Coordinator, Core Electronic Resources, 
Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library, University of Michigan

[InteLex] Past Masters databases, on the other hand, include the text of highly-respected, complete, scholarly editions and translations . . . appealing to a broad user spectrum, from casual readers and undergraduates searching for an online version of a text to scholars performing high-level research.
—The Charleston Advisor, Reviewed by: Helene C. Williams, English Bibliographer for the Humanities Collection Development, Widener Library, Harvard University
"There are cases," Coleridge once wrote, "in which more value may be conveyed by the history of a
word than by the history of a campaign," and these Past Masters [collections] constitute a great aid
to such enterprises. . . .Impressive care has been taken in establishing these texts. —Journal of the
History of Ideas

Complete title listing:


Bacon, Francis
Bacon, Roger
Baillie, Joanna
Balguy, John
Beauvoir, Simone de
Becket, Thomas à, Archbishop of Canterbury
Behn, Aphra
Bello, Andres
Benjamin, Walter
Bentham, Jeremy
Berkeley, George
Blake, William
Bodley, Thomas
Bonaventure, Saint
Boole, George
Boswell, James
Boyle, Robert
Bradley, Francis Herbert
Bradley, Henry
Brawne, Fanny
Bridges, Robert
Brontë, Charlotte
Brown, John
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
Browning, Robert
Burke, Edmund
Burney, Frances
Burns, Robert
Butler, Joseph


Calvin, John
Cassirer, Ernst
Carter, Elizabeth
Centlivre, Susannah
Chapone, Hester
Chesterfield, Philip
Clarke, John
Clarke, Samuel
Clough, Arthur Hugh
Coleridge, Hartley
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Collingwood, Robert George
Conway, Anne
Cowley, Hannah
Cowper, William
Cromwell, Thomas
Cudworth, Ralph


Darwin, Charles
Davidson, Donald
Defoe, Daniel
Descartes, René
Dewey, John
Dickens, Charles


Edgeworth, Maria
Eliot, George (Evans, Mary Anne)


Ferguson, Adam
Feuerbach, Ludwig
Fichte, Johann Gottlieb
Fielding, Henry
Fielding, Sarah
Foucault, Michel
Fox, Richard
Francis of Assisi
Frazer, James George
Freud, Sigmund


Gaskell, Elizabeth
Gay, John
Gladstone, William
Godolphin, Sidney
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
Gray, Thomas
Griffith, Elizabeth
Grimm Brothers


Halley, Edmond
Hardy, Thomas
Haywood, Eliza
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich
Hobbes, Thomas
Hogg, James
Holmes, Oliver Wendell
Homes, Henry, Lord Kames
Hume, David
Husserl, Edmund
Hutcheson, Frances                                                   British Philosophy: 1600-1900 


Inchbald, Elizabeth


Jacobi, Friedrich Heinrich
James, William
Johnson, Samuel
Jones, William
Jowett, Benjamin


Kant, Immanuel
Kierkegaard, Søren
Knox, John


Lamb, Caroline
Laski, Harold J.
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm
Lewes, George Henry
Livingstone, David
Locke, John
Luther, Martin


Machiavelli, Niccolo
Maistre, Joseph de
Malebranche, Nicolas
Malthus, Thomas Robert
Mandeville, Bernard
Manley, Delarivier
Mansfield, Katherine
Marlborough, John Churchill
Martineau, Harriet
Marvell, Andrew
Meredith, George
Merleau-Ponty, Maurice
Mill, John Stuart
Montagu, Elizabeth
Montagu, Mary Wortley
Montesquieu, Charles de Secondat


Newman, John Henry
Nietzsche, Friedrich
Nightingale, Florence


Ockham, William of
Osborne, Dorothy


Paine, Thomas
Paley, William
Pascal, Blaise
Pater, Walter
Peacock, Thomas Love
Peirce, Charles Sanders
Pepys, Samuel
Piozzi, Hester Lynch
Pix, Mary
Poinsot, John
Pope, Alexander
Price, Richard


Raleigh, Walter
Reeve, Clara
Reid, Thomas
Ricardo, David
Richards, Ivor Armstrong
Richardson, Samuel
Robinson, Henry Crabb
Robinson, Mary
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
Royce, Josiah


Salisbury, John of
Santayana, George
Scheler, Max
Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph
Schiller, Friedrich von
Schopenhauer, Arthur
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Sir Walter
Scotus, John Duns
Seward, Anne
Shaftesbury, Anthony
Shelley, Mary
Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Sheridan, Richard
Sidgwick, Henry
Simmel, Georg
Smith, Adam
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, Sydney
Smollet, Tobias
Southey, Robert
Spencer, Herbert
Spinoza, Benedict
Steele, Richard
Sterne, Laurence
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Swift, Jonathan
Synge, John Millington


Talbot, Catherine
Temple, William Johnston
Temple, William, Archbishop
Tennyson, Alfred, Lord
Thackeray, William Makepeace
Thomas, Edward
Tolstoy, Leo
Trelawny, Edward John
Trollope, Anthony
Trollope, Frances
Trotter, Catherine


Walpole, Horace
Wanley, Humfrey
Weber, Max
Weil, Simone
Weininger, Otto
Wesley, Samuel
Wharton, Edith
Wilson, Thomas
Wittgenstein, Ludwig
Wollaston, William
Wollstonecraft, Mary
Wordsworth, Dorothy
Wordsworth, Mary
Wordsworth, William
Wotton, Henry


Yeats, William Butler
Young, Edward