Past Masters Commons

InteLex Corporation proudly announces Past Masters Commons, a new offering in our Past Masters series. Past Masters Commons will include historically important texts and translations which have been newly edited for accuracy as well as modern scholarship. Most collections will be offered in XML format. All texts in Past Masters Commons will be offered at no charge to our existing institutional web customers; and new institutional customers will receive all Past Masters Commons titles at no charge.

Our first collections in the Past Masters Commons series are now live:
  • The Collected Works of Chauncey Wright (XML)

  • Francisco Suárez’ massive Disputationes Metaphysicae (Latin, XML), The Complete Works of Montesquieu (English translation, XML)

  • Plotinus’ Enneads (English translation, searchable image format)

  • The Essays of Montaigne (English translation, XML)

  • Tolstoy’s «Война и мир»/War and Peace and «АннаКаренина»/Anna Karenina (facing pages, Russian and English translation, searchable image format) 

  • Charles Sanders Peirce: Manuscripts (XML, with links to manuscript images from which the XML was created)

Other collections to be offered in 2017 include 
  • The Collected Works of Dugald Stewart (XML)

Additional collections are in preparation.