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Sales Drive rankings. Rankings tell the story.

Entertainment Industry Data is a library of media statistics bringing you all the professional numbers that tell the story of the impact of music and film on society and culture. Entertainment ID brings together two important data sets in a single platform: Film ID and Music ID. This data is only available here as a full consistent set.   

These two databases are also available as separate products:

Film Industry Data is an innovative way to analyze the film industry. This unique online tool provides access to vital Nielsen box-office data previously unavailable to students and researchers. It allows users to discover new insights and unlock a deeper understanding of film as a reflection of culture and society.

With Film ID, it is finally possible to assess worldwide box office performance, changes in popular taste, trends in genre, career directions of directors and actors, and, crucially, factors affecting studio decisions and policy – with hard data rather than assumptions or opinions.

The breadth of data makes this unique product particularly relevant to film studies, business studies, cultural and media studies, modern history, politics and statistics.


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This highly interactive database combines a wealth of never-before-available information on music sales and distribution with powerful analytics that allow researchers to track histories, compare charts, discover new relationships – with audio and video samples, artist bios, awards, a historical timeline, and much more. Music ID is the first database to incorporate historical sales data from Billboard, Gfk Entertainment, and other global reporting agencies in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, and elsewhere, spanning 60 years from over 30 countries.  It gives students entirely new opportunities for data-driven research in popular culture.

“Tremendously valuable . . . . Fills such a significant need for researchers.” – The Charleston Advisor

“It will make music librarians wonder how we got by without it until now.” – Notes review, Music Library Association

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