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iG Publishing works with commercial publishers, university presses, professional societies and associations to build multi-publisher eBook collections in key academic disciplines such as law, business, engineering, and medicine. This allows colleges and universities to create customized eBook collections that extend library holdings and support curriculum needs. Users may search across all texts in a collection simultaneously. The collections are easily integrated into the institution’s OPAC, and MARC records are provided.

Evidence Based Acquisition

We are offering a new model to librarians - Evidence Based Acquisition. This adds an adaptable new way for libraries to expand their resources. Enabling a library to hand-curate a collection is tremendously valuable as a model where you have maximum flexibility to select the individual Authors needed for coursework and research to support its various programs in a cost-effective way. Purchasing decisions based on what patrons actually access ensure relevance to your courses and research needs.

Supporting the move from print to electronic

We are offering free access for a year to 62,750 titles up to and including 2010. That is a tremendous amount of information from some of the world’s most important publishers. Click this link to view the listing.

Please contact Ronel Schoeman before 31 July 2016 to setup access, and we will ensure that you get the right analytical information to track usage, and learn the detail about the books your faculty and students read. A wonderful way to ensure careful research sits behind your purchase decisions.

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