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Asian Plus Collection

We are delighted to announce the Asian Plus Collection of over 25,000 curated e-books going back to 1000 AD.

This is an essential resource for libraries serving scholars in Asian Studies. It is topped up by a collection of e-books from leading publishers including Princeton and Columbia University Presses and more.

The Asian Plus Collection covers Politics, Economics, Policies, Social Studies, Language, History, Biographies and many more important topics that weave the fabric of Asia. This collection has been put together for students and researchers of Business & Management, International Relations, Policy Studies, Social Science, Asian Studies etc.

This is an Annual Subscription based Collection with 1 optional sub-collection (either to include or exclude):

    • Asian Plus Collection – includes of current content (over 2,400 titles) of 7 publishers with annual updates added in every year:
    • Heritage Books of Asia:
    • An optional add-on collection to Asia Plus Collection.
    • Over 24,000 titles on Asia from 1000 AD.
    • Asian Heritage titles from North to South including the countries of China, Japan, Korea, Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Borneo, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
    • Covering Politics, Economics, Policies, Social Studies, Language, History, Biography and other topics of Asia.

For subscription pricing of the Asian Plus Collection (and/or Heritage Books of Asia), please contact us at

Download the Asian Plus Collection bookdata (in excel)

Download the Heritage Books of Asia bookdata (in excel)