Thorogood Publishing

DESCRIPTION: Thorogood Publishing is an independent publisher of books and special reports for business and the professions. Thorogood authors have a proven track record in their field, producing books which are accessible, practical and of immediate value to students and practitioners.

UNIQUE FEATURE: This collection offers 40 'Special Briefings' reports on commercial law, IT governance, finance, tax and insurance, employment law, HR, recruitment and training, marketing, PR and sales.

SPECIAL FEATURE: This impressive list covers all the key functions of business including management and personal development, sales, marketing, PR, finance and human resource management, as well as the law and practice relating to these subjects.


  • Health, safety and facilites management
  • People skills and leadership
  • Business planning and strategy
  • Commercial law
  • Commercial management
  • Employment law
  • Finance, tax and insurance
  • HR management, training and coaching
  • Marketing, public relations and sales
  • Media and IP law
  • Climate risk


KEY AUTHORS: Expert authors include John Adair on Leadership and Management (over a million managers worldwide have taken part in the Action-Centred Leadership programmes he pioneered), Neil Thomas, Yuan Wang, Julie Lewthwaite and Ian Ruskin-Brown.

BENEFIT TO THE USER: Thorogood books deliver both in-depth academic studies and analysis as well as briefing books for modular coursework. These accessible titles support students and professionals ongoing understanding of key issues.

AUDIENCE: Senior undergraduate teaching, postgraduate research and corporate libraries

PRIMARY MARKET: Academic libraries, MBA courses

SECONDARY MARKET: Corporate libraries