ASHRAE Books provide important information for engineers, architects and other users covering HVAC&R design

and application as well as cutting-edge topics such as sustainability, building performance and commissioning,

energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. ASHRAE writes standards for the purpose of establishing consensus for:

1) methods of test and classification standards 2) design standards, 3) protocol standards; and 4) rating standards

(in limited cases). Consensus standards are developed and published to define minimum values or acceptable

performance whereas other documents, such as guidelines may be developed and published to encourage

enhanced performance.

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ASM International (American Society for Metals)

ASM International, formerly known as the American Society for Metals, is a professional organization for materials

scientists and engineers working with metals. ASM provides several information resources, including standards and

the ASM Handbooks recognized as a standard reference in the field of materials science. reference books that

provide data on various types of metals. Topics include mechanical properties of metals, corrosion studies, Binary

Alloy Phase Diagrams, Ternary Alloy Phase Diagrams. ASM has been in existence since 1913.

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A major STM journal publisher Bentham Science now offers related eBook series, which answers to the

informational needs of the pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical research community. The eBook programme

introduces new subject areas including Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science.

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Cambridge International Science Publishing publishes selected books and journals on materials science,

physics, chemistry, applied mathematics, information science and engineering. Many of the books are

sourced from the Russian Academy of Sciences (Nauka).

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IEC (International Engineering Consortium)

The IEC was founded in 1944 by several universities and corporate executives. These affiliated universities have

grown in number to include many of the world's leading research universities in information sciences, computer

sciences, and electical and computer engineering.

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ISA (International Society of Automation)

Founded in 1945 ISA develops standards; certi.fies industry professionals; provides education and training; publishes books and technical articles; and hosts.conferences and exhibitions for the automation professionals in Science and Engineering. These eBooks are non-biased, vendor-neutral education and training programs for automation professionals. The eBooks are designed to help solve difficult technical problems, while enhancing users' leadership and personal career capabilities.

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J. Ross Publishing, an innovative and cutting-edge publisher of applied professional, business and technical books,

multimedia, and online products for global professional markets, with more than 100 years of combined professional


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Maney Publishing has over 100 years publishing experience. This collection will have 300 eBook titles focusing on

materials science. Extensive subject coverage includes General titles, Ceramics & Glass, Corrosion, Steel, Surface

Engineering, Historical Metallurgy, Composite Materials, Polymers, Cast Metals, and important papers presented at

international conferences.

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Momentum Press was founded provides the very best information and knowledge on today’s advancements in

science, engineering and applied technology. It is relevant to practitioners, researchers, educational faculty, and

students in engineering, science, and industry with both traditional print media as well as new, innovative

electronically-delivered content. Publishing Areas include Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Civil and Construction Engineering, Applied Physics and Chemistry, Sustainable Technology,

Nanotechnology and Energy Engineering.

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Multi-Science is an established publisher of journals and books on energy, acoustics and engineering disciplines.

These publications fill gaps in the scientific literature, and are responses to technological developments that call new disciplines

into existence.

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PennWell is the leading publisher of technical and training books for the petroleum, electric power, water, and dental

industries, as well as publisher of Fire Engineering books. PennWell offer two collections, the first focusing on

energy, technology and the second focusing on Fire Engineering.

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Smithers Rapra are renowned publishers of information on all aspects of plastics, rubber and polymer composites.

Materials, Automotive and Transport, Building and Construction, Electrical, Domestic Appliances, Cables and

Optical, Engineering and Chemically Resistant Applications, Medical and Surgical Applications, Pipes and Hoses,

Packaging, Seals and Gaskets, Tyres. Manufacturing and Processing, Properties, Analysis & Testing, and

Environment and Health are just some of the areas covered.

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Publishing by scientists for scientists, publishers widely including Acoustics, Architecture, Bioengineering, Fracture

Mechanics, Engineering, Fluid Mechanics Geomechanics and Geo-Environment, Mathematics & Statistics, Water


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World Scientific Publishing Company has its headquarters in Singapore, offices in New Jersey, London, Hong Kong,

Taipei, Chennai, Beijing and Shanghai. Many of its books are recommended texts adopted by renowned institutions

such as Harvard University, California Institute of Technology and Princeton University. In 1995, World Scientific

co-founded the London-based Imperial College Press with London University’s Imperial College. The Press

publishes mainly in the fields in which Imperial College itself is particularly well known, such as engineering,

medicine, information technology, environmental technology, and management sciences. Imperial College Press

has published about 400 books and 8 journals to date. The World Scientific collection includes over 1,800 books.

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ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers)

Founded in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) represents more than 147,000 members of the

civil engineering profession worldwide, and is America's oldest national engineering society. ASCE's vision is to

position engineers as global leaders building a better quality of life.

BSI (British Standards Institution)

BSI is the National Standards Body of the UK, with a globally recognized reputation for independence,

integrity and innovation in the production of standards that promote best practice.

It develops and sells standards and standardization solutions to meet the needs of business and society.

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Gulf Publishing Company publishes the most up-to-date titles for every engineer, current and upcoming. Everything

from pipelines to natural gas, drill bits to completions, Gulf Publishing Company is the premier provider for

engineering information.

JCR (Joint Commission Resources)

Joint Commission Resources offers a variety of manuals, books, periodicals, software, and other products to help

health care organizations ensure patient safety, improve performance, and participate successfully in the

accreditation process. Our publications and multimedia resources provide tips and tools for survey readiness and

the latest thinking on current health care issues.