Peer Practice Publishing

DESCRIPTION: XPL is a highly-regarded publisher of legal books and journals covering the professional areas of law, medicine and property. Key subject coverage includes Civil Litigation, Company and Commercial, Construction, Criminal Law, Employment, Family Law, Housing, Human Rights, Intellectual Property, Film Law, Financial Services Law, Legal Skills, Medical, Personal Injury, Practice Management, Private Client, Property, Software and Welfare Benefits. This collection offers over 120 eBook titles and 20,000 pages of journals including the 80 year old Medico-Legal journal.

UNIQUE FEATURE: Definitive, comprehensive and expertly written accounts of key areas in law, with global relevance.

SPECIAL FEATURES: This collection will expand to 100,000 pages within two years. Each year up to 10,000 pages will be added (journal issues and up to 20 new books)


  • Medico-legal books (20 titles)

  • Legal practitioner skills (5 titles)

  • Intellectual Property and IT law covering music, trademarks, data protection and email law (5 titles)

  • Litigation procedure (7 titles)


KEY AUTHORS: Medico-Legal Journal published for the Medico-Legal Society. Key legal authors include Colin Passmore, a litigation partner with Simmons & Simmons, David Bainbridge, Professor of Law at Aston and Andrew Goodman, Professor and Barrister.

BENEFIT TO THE USER: These authoritative books are relevant to law courses around the world, in most legal jurisdictions. Valuable reference works for legal counsel, doctors involved in law and policy and corporate lawyers.


AUDIENCE: Academic teaching of legal practitioner skills and many aspects of international law, law conversion courses, corporate counsel reference materials, commonwealth law

PRIMARY MARKET: Academic libraries, international law courses, MBA courses

SECONDARY MARKET: Corporate libraries