Bentham Science Publishers

DESCRIPTION: A major STM journal publisher Bentham Science Publishers now offer related eBook series, which answers to the informational needs of the pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical research community. The eBook programme introduces new subject areas including Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science.

UNIQUE FEATURE: A vast collection of 160+ cutting-edge books covering Medicine, Engineering, Medicinal Chemistry, Food Science, Immunology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Social Science, Food Science, Physics and Virology among many others.

SPECIAL FEATURES: A unique collection of titles exploring the latest development in the medical research field. This is a new collection of books, with the first releases in 2009.


  • 160 books published from 2009 onwards with over 100 eBooks added per year
  • Bentham eBooks publishes monographs, handbooks, conference proceedings, textbooks, review volumes, biographies and autobiographies
  • Authoritative research and analysis from the leading universities and research institutions worldwide, including Nobel Laureates, leading scientists and talented researchers from specialist fields.
  • The latest and most important information and advances in these fields
  • Informative views on both experimental and theoretical approaches


KEY AUTHORS: Eminent professors, Nobel prizewinners, researchers and practitioners from around the world.

BENEFIT TO THE USER: Essential information for all students, researchers and clinicians in the areas of pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical research. Bentham Science is one of the world's major collections which delivers this quality and depth of knowledge at the forefront of current research.


AUDIENCE: source of information to academicians, corporate researchers, graduates and under-graduates worldwide.

PRIMARY MARKET: Academic libraries

SECONDARY MARKET: Corporate libraries, Pharmaceutical companies, R&D Departments