Muti-Science Publishing Co. Ltd

DESCRIPTION: Established publisher of journals and more recently books on energy, acoustics and engineering disciplines. Multi-Science journals fill gaps in the scientific literature and are responses to technological developments that call new disciplines into existence.

KEY FEATURES: Collection of 50 titles covering 3 main subject areas:

Energy: Renewable Energy, Exploration, Exploitation

Acoustics: Low-Frequency Noise, Vibration, Aeroacoustics

Engineering: Structural, Wind Engineering

UNIQUE FEATURE: This collection offers core specialization for researchers and scholars with entirely unique journals devoted to niche subjects such as Building Acoustics.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Impressive collection of titles with an exciting list of forthcoming material and plans to expand the list.

KEY AUTHORS: Fully refereed journals with distinguished editors and editorial boards.

BENEFIT TO THE USER: This collection offers up-to-date, cutting-edge coverage of niche subjects not available from any other publisher.

EVALUATION OF THE MARKET: World applicability. Quality resources from a respected publisher for university libraries, particularly post-graduate level, offering courses in Engineering disciplines including Sound, Structural, Civil Engineering or Renewable and Sustainable Energy fields.


AUDIENCE: Academic institutions

PRIMARY MARKET: Academic libraries

SECONDARY MARKET: Special libraries, some Corporate libraries