Enrich Professional Publishing (EPP) was formed in 2009 as a publishing arm of the Enrich Culture Group with the goal of reaching a worldwide readership. EPP specializes in academic and reference works on the economic and financial changes taking place in China and the Asian region. EPP aims to promote a better understanding of modern China and the impact of the rise of this new economic superpower on a rapidly changing world. EPP’s partnerships with universities in China and Hong Kong have made them to become the leading publisher translating the work of Chinese economic experts into English.

Key Features

EPP actively provides a worldwide audience with objective information on China from first hand sources. From a base in Asia, they reach a vast audience which extends to the United States and Europe. By publishing titles in English, the EPP team is able to shape opinion on a global scale through the dissemination of the work of Chinese economic leaders.

Benefits to the Users

EPP’s goal is to provide readers with objective information on China from firsthand sources. With an impressive publishing volume of over 20 new titles every year, EPP’s books are invaluable references for anyone whose interest and work revolve around the New China phenomenon.

Key Authors & Editors

EPP’s authors are top tier Chinese scholars and experts from the think-tanks of the Chinese Government, specializing in the production of books and reference works on the economic, financial and business development of the Greater China Region. Key authors also include Silkroad Press, striving to develop the highest quality publications about Chinese culture, ranging from literature, history, philosophy to social sciences.


98 titles with 20 new titles added every year

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