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Music Industry Data is an exciting new research tool that links data on music, industry trends and commercial facts.

Bring the precision of STM research techniques to the humanities with Music ID.


Sales drive rankings. Rankings tell the story.

(Downloads and Streaming now influence the rankings - see the Billboard method)

For the first time, changes in taste, business models, and the consumption of the arts by different population demographics can be tracked using trustworthy, accurate information from leading information sources.

Music Industry Data reveals the answers to new questions and offers opportunities for original research and fresh areas of study in business, the humanities and interdisciplinary courses.

At a glance

  • Electronic access to historical and current data from over thirty countries
  • Analyse, compare and contrast musical trends across countries, artists, & time
  • Document the impact of music on society and culture via sales trend graphs
  • Put music in context with economic, political and social world events
  • Gain deeper understanding of the commercial impact of the arts


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Diamonds of Discovery: Artists and their Social Context

Diamonds of Discovery: Nirvana vs Michael Jackson

Who is it for?

Music Industry Data is used in Music, Entertainment Industry, Business Studies, Film & Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Political Science, Humanities, History and Statistics. Read a recent testimonial.

Academics, researchers, librarians and students in leading universities and institutions around the world are already discovering the benefits of using Music Industry Data.

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