Business Schools

Rapidly becoming the industry standard, Film ID

is the user friendly interface for Nielsen’s data sets.

  • A must have for anyone involved with or interested in the wider world of Film. This information delivers insights into the economic and commercial vitality of films in various releases, formats and their afterlife. Film ID is of importance in Film Studies, Entertainment Industry, Business Studies, Film & Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Political Science, Humanities including Modern History and Statistics.
  • Enables analysis and insights that were never possible before, working in this field without Film ID will miss key insights - as Nielsen executives commented, "Students will have the opportunity to be in the driver seat and use the same data that studio executives use to make key decisions about title releases”. Using Film ID will safeguard the quality of your research.
  • Film ID adds important dimensions and as such is very advanced compared to IMDB, Box Office Mojo. Enjoy preferential academic rates negotiated with Nielsen.

Indispensable resource for business schools with entertainment industry modules

  • Easy to access, use and explore
  • Builds understanding of the commercial context of film
  • Facility to export data and graphs for use in coursework
  • Gives access to broader research material and new lines of enquiry
  • Shows where connections exist in subjects and genres
  • Links academic study with real world opportunities in the arts, media and publishing

Data sets include

  • 500 rankings each week since 2000
  • Unit sales in all formats - VHS, DVD and Blu Ray
  • Full contributor list (Director, Stars, Producer, Composer, Camera, Lighting ...and more)
  • Theatrical Box Office

Flexible interrogation of the data: Filter by date, film detail, contributor, unit sales for home video across formats, Box Office, arc of sales rankings showing comparative rankings over time.