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Let’s get started with a search for Brad Pitt. The Options show Titles with this search string, and Contributors where options include his contribution as a Star, Voice, Featured, Cameo, Producer, Executive Producer and other contributors called Pitt.

Brad Pitt Titles.png
Brad Pitt Contributor.png

This is the result set for George Clooney, with the data sorted to show box office and unit sales for three editions of Gravity - DVD, Blu Ray and 3D.

There is great flexibility to add the versions of Gravity and Monuments Men to a custom graph using the + icon:

Note that if a search is made for a different title or contributor the results can be added to the custom graph, so users can compare any items of their choice.

The data can be manipulated on screen, and items selected to view their arc of sales. This shows the films ranked by unit sales from 2000 to date in 2014:

It is straightforward to scroll left and right to view the data, and re-sort by any column. This reveals insights about the relative importance of the films as never before. Films tell us about global culture, politics and society and now for the first time this can be assessed in detail.

To place the films into their cultural significance, hovering over the date brings up a link to world events for that year. This includes the World Population, Global Political Events, Economic Events, Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes, Entertainment Events, Entertainment News, Pulitzer Prizes, Oscars, Nobel Prize for Literature, Grammys, Miss America, Top releases for Music, Film, Books Published. U.S. Events including Population, Life expectancy, Violent Crime Rate, Property Crime Rate, Homicide Rate, Economic indicators GDP, Federal spending, Federal debt, Consumer Price Index, Unemployment. Other data covers Sports Events from the Wimbledon to the Kentucky Derby. Science Events and Nobel Prizes in Science, Chemistry, Physics, Physiology or Medicine. Lastly it shows relevant Deaths to relate film to personalities of the preceding period.

The World Events are one of the many ways in which Film ID shows its relevance to humanities research as a pivotal ingredient for research into the disciplines of Film Studies. Film Industry Awards and Festivals can be use to see how it impacted the arc of sales for a specific film.

Further examples:

View the search for Spielberg, which brings up various roles in which he contributed to films. We will select his role as Director and Cameo contributions.

Here we see his films ordered by unit sales, with Saving Private Ryan in the lead. It includes the Indiana Jones Collection in the Widescreen edition, which was direct to video and had no box office equivalent (researchers can easily look into the direct to video titles). The data displayed scrolls across the screen and there is far more data available than this single screenshot.

The sales data drives the rankings for a selection of the films, with Saving Private Ryan highlighted in orange. Adding films to the graph is flexible, and the user can zoom into sections to view greater detail. Each data point displays full metadata. All data can be exported in excel format or the graph as an image.

Each title can be viewed in summary. Here Saving Private Ryan shows the full listing of contributors. Clicking on them takes you to all the films to which they contributed, where researchers can explore further. For this film the commercial data including cumulative homevideo and box office is displayed.

As you continue your research you will be able to do things like:

Select his role as Cameo appearances, to introduce some humour. Later show his role as a Director for a more commercial assessment.

Click the B.O.$MM column to order the films by the highest grossing, which was Lost World - Jurassic Park. Comment that it was released in various different formats for homevideo including VHS and DVD.

Click the Unit sales YTD and show that Vanilla Sky was the top performer.

Click on the First Charted Date for Jurassic Park WS (Wide Screen), to show what else was available at that time 15 Oct 2000

Click the round icon to the left of LOST WORLD - JURASSIC PARK WS which is Rank 8 to add it to the sales ranking data and show the user how it performed with a resurgence of interest in 2004-5 after the initial release in 2000.

Clicking on the Title, LOST WORLD - JURASSIC PARK WS will show all the contributors, as well as the commercial result in terms of total box office and homevideo sales. The user can then explore the relative success of the contributors - stars, producer, director, screenwriter, editor and more.

Return to search for Spielberg and view his successes as Director Uncredited - an intriguing journey of discovery.

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