What's Included?

What’s included in Film ID?

Designed with the needs of academics, researchers and librarians in mind, Film ID provides reliable, online access to a world of information. It is an ideal resource to inspire original research and support fresh areas of study in business, the humanities and interdisciplinary courses. The sales rankings tell the story of the impact of film on society and cultures.

Nielsen data sets

    • 1,000 rankings each week (year 2000 to present day)
    • Unit sales in all formats (VHS, DVD and Blu Ray)
    • Full contributor list (Director, Stars, Producer, Composer, Camera, Lighting)
    • Theatrical Box Office

“This type of direct access to this information has not been made

available to academic institutions before. Students will have the opportunity to be in the driving seat and use the same data that studio executives

use to make key decisions about title releases.”


Quantify the cultural impact of film.

Data for your insights. See what's invisible to others.

Aristotle, "The soul never thinks without an image".

Additional resources for analysis

  • Set the context for film by understanding the background of world events taking place at the time. Data on economic, political, and social events is provided from 1950 to the present day.
  • Reference the major film industry awards and find out previous categories and winners.

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Powerful functionality

  • Flexible interrogation of the data with options to compare and contrast
  • Filter by date, film detail, contributor, unit sales and Box Office
  • Sales trend graphs showing comparative rankings over time
  • Download results for use in class, research papers or article