MusicID Data

Explore Thousands of Individual Music Charts Updated Weekly

Music ID Data gives you direct access to 5,452 different music charts spanning 74 countries, including albums, singles, and specialist genre charts, as well as ranking data on Apple Music and Spotify streams, iTunes downloads, and Shazam queries updated weekly. The platform also includes data going back to the 1950s from authoritative sources such as Billboard, GfK, and more.

Using Music ID Data’s detailed, granular chart data, researchers can easily track the week-to-week success of a particular song on one or more charts, can explore the impact of a hit song globally, can compare an artist’s current success relative to their prior output, pinpoint the exact moment when a new style broke into the mainstream, or challenge the accepted narrative of popular music history. Its built-in visualization tools present information via interactive, exportable tables and graphs, which users can also customise to their individual needs.

With Music ID Data, 60 years of trusted global music industry data lies at your fingertips!

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