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Discover the cultural impact of recorded music

Music ID Impact provides a meta-narrative of popular music history, allowing you to see which recordings have had the greatest cultural impact. Built on our extensive, authoritative music chart data, Music ID Impact lets you discover the top artists, songs, and albums since 1900––including rankings for every year, for every decade, and for all time!

Using Music ID Impact, you can quickly find the top songs and albums from most years, as well as every song or album that has been a hit anywhere for the top 1000 artists (including their collaborations). There is also a complete list of the songs that were number 1 for any month from January 1940 to December 2017 in the USA, UK, and other countries worldwide.

Now, it is easy to see how long an artist dominated the charts, which singles lingered in the public consciousness, what albums best defined a decade, and much more––all derived from data you can trust.

With Music ID Impact, you can easily find answers to such questions as:

Music ID Impact puts a century of music industry data at your fingertips!

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