InteLex e-book benefits

Electronic texts excel over print in providing robust search capabilities, fast navigation through large bodies of text, and precise quotation, citation, and reference possibilities.

Book indexes (which historically were prepared by hand) are at worst inaccurate and at best incomplete. An electronic search allows a scholar to find all occurrences of a word. Creating concordances and exporting text can be done very quickly.

Employing electronic texts makes it possible to make instant comparisons of different authors, locate stray quotations and find their context, analyze vocabulary, word combinations, verbal habits, slips and follow clusters of terms through an indefinite number of works...carry out lexicographical surveys of word usages.

E-texts are cheaper to store and preserve (and in some cases to acquire). E-texts are easier to find and are available 24 hours a day.

InteLex focuses on scholarly, authoritative editions, and are highly accurate.

Allows multiple users (unlike a print book, which can only be checked out by one person).

Searches across an entire edition or the entire oeuvre of an author can be done quickly.

Ease of use when working in an unfamiliar field, can quickly gain an overview of a corpus.

Lower maintenance costs.

An electronic edition can be augmented and corrected over time.

Can allow a library to replace missing volumes or limit print circulation of books already owned.