Music is already within you. Meludia brings it to light.

Meludia’s revolutionary approach to music learning has been recognised and endorsed by a growing number of world-famous institutions, ensembles, musicians and educators, including the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music, the El Sistema programme and professors at MIT in Boston and the Sorbonne University in Paris. Among the many world-renowned artists who support Meludia are Nicola Benedetti, Joseph Calleja, Leonard Elschenbroich, Thomas Hampson, the duo Igudesman and Joo, Julian Rachlin and Linus Roth.

Bastien Sannac, co-founder of Meludia, shows how to navigate the platform in 40 seconds

Bradley Sowash, who currently serves as the Pop/Jazz Chairperson for Music Teachers National Association speaks about Meludia:

Testimonials from educators around the world.

The ‘Meludia Method’ was conceived and developed by French composer and pedagogue Vincent Chaintrier, based upon 25 years of research. It is unique, in that it aggregates several recognised music learning methods, including Orff, Willems, Dalcroze, Kodály and Martenot, as well as recent advances in cognitive science, including reinforcement learning and implicit learning. In developing the user’s ability to understand and better appreciate the language of music, the ‘Meludia Method’ naturally raises the level of engagement and motivation and, at the same time, develops innate music perception and the ability to listen better. What makes the Internet application of the ‘Meludia Method’ exceptional is that it is an interactive and progressive tool that is also fun to use.

Meludia being launched by Meludia Ambassador the world-renowned Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja. Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat agreed to a nationwide deployment.

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