Meludia Testimonials

"Meludia impresses me on so many levels at the same time. What has been built with Meludia is non confrontational, private, progressive, personal, it is very contemporary to understand music as a language. It is quite fun, it can be an entertaining distraction as much as a learning process. It's perfect for kids but it I'm also looking forward to my own augmentation of musical understanding with this." - Thomas Hampson, Concert Baritone and International educator events and master classes.

"Meludia is a visually beautiful and stimulating way to develop musicianship away from one's instrument.

Many of the exercises are not typically found in other ear training resources. For example, rather than focus immediately on identifying intervals, Meludia challenges us to judge such abstract comparisons as stability/instability and “spatialization.”

I especially like how Meludia enhances learning with directions that are sometimes deliberately mysterious. When the initial uncertainty of a new exercise reveals itself through repetition, the user experiences a satisfying “aha” moment. Having discovered the "secret" to a particular challenge, it suddenly becomes easier. This kind of deep listening is very important to me both pedagogically as an improvisation teacher and personally as a creative musician. Brilliant." - Bradley Sowash, Professor at Ohio State University; Teacher of improvisation.

“Finally, a magnificent and innovative program that is designed to develop the ear and to better help understand the language of music that is enjoyed throughout the universe. I always tell my students that the ear is vital and it is incredible that Meludia has found a way to let people who range from very young to seasoned professionals let their ears evolve and flourish. For my own children, it is fun for them and at the same time they are developing and benefiting from each and every Meludia exercise they do. This is much better and far superior to any video game and it is wonderful to know that at the end of the day they have gained from it.” - Daniel Matsukawa, Principal Bassoon of The Philadelphia Orchestra and on the faculty of The Curtis Institute of Music.

"I’m really excited to begin using Meludia with my students at Curtis and anticipate

that it will not only be highly beneficial for them, but also a lot of fun." - Jonathan Coopersmith, Chair of Musical Studies, The Curtis Institute of Music.

"Meludia will definitely help students to hear more comfortably and to conceptualise music in a very natural way. Meludia is multi-dimensional, fluid and imaginative platform." - Roberto Pace, Composer and Professor at the Settlement School of Music and at Rowan University.

"Meludia has a huge impact on how humans perceive and learn music." - Michael Cuthbert, Associate Professor of Music, MIT, Boston MA, USA Research in computational musicology and music theory.

"One of the greatest things about Meludia is the ease and beauty of it and how naturally it taps into your instincts. There can't be a straighter route to develop your musicianship. For teachers to be given on a silver platter, a tool that is so all-encompassing, functional, fun, interactive… it is an absolute gift. I could see every teacher being endlessly grateful for this tool." - Nicola Benedetti, Masterclasses - Concert Violinist.

"It is to learn the language of music in the most simple, beautiful, natural way, without having to be scared of music. I can't wait to have success on Meludia, because there are a lot of things that I cannot yet manage." - Julian Rachlin, Concert Violinist, Conductor and Professor at Konservatorium Wien.

"Meludia is a fabulous tool for every musician to improve their ears and ability to listen to music. It is also a great and sophisticated tool for any music teacher and music student of all levels to help master music theory in a very modern way, the way the world is today. Finally and most imortantly, it makes learning easy and fun for everybody!" - Selvadore Rhani, clarinetist, music educator at Tónlistarskóli Bolungarvíkur school of music, Iceland.

"Meludia is what I’ve been waiting for for 25 years, for me and for my students." - Linus Roth, Professor at Augsburg University, Germany, and Concert Violinist.

"Meludia is the music teacher's best friend!! The exercises develop so naturally that even the little ones can do them, and yet they also go far enough to challenge seasoned musicians. I don't know HOW I functioned before Meludia!" - Melissa Greyvenstein, MG Music School South Africa.