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Unbound Medicine - a leader in mobile information resources for healthcare.

Unbound Medicine is the new and expanding mobile-centred eBook resource which allows physicians, nurses, students, and clinicians to access medical information whether and whenever they need it.

Developed for the library market, librarians can purchase subscriptions to a number of leading reference text-books and make them available to faculty, students, residents, and doctors under an unlimited user download model. The librarian/institution is the custodian of the license - as would be the case with current database/eBook/journal/OA holdings - whilst the end user has the autonomy/flexibility to download to their mobile device of choice just the content which they wish to use.

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Unbound Medicine takes a lead in understanding the Zika virus with Johns Hopkins.

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Unbound Medicine’s award winning mobile applications feature superior navigation so physicians, nurses, students, and clinicians can quickly and easily find answers—anytime, anywhere.

uCentral is Unbound Medicine’s completely customizable mobile and web product that delivers answers to the point of need.

Your institution can create an integrated collection of must-have clinical references that are accessible from any computer on campus (or within a specified IP range). Each user can also download uCentral to an iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, or Palm mobile device to answer clinical questions.

Typically, an institutional library manages an annual subscription to titles of interest (accessed with unlimited concurrent users via IP ranges as one might already access resources such as PubMedCentral or Medline) whilst end users download just the titles which they wish to have on their mobile device of choice. The end-user enjoys immediate access to the titles that they wish to consult. No need for a wi-fi network or 3G connection as the books are on their device.

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Testimonial from one of our customers, University of Pretoria, South Africa:

When we stumbled across Unbound Medicine a few years ago we were pleasantly surprised by the product. It seem to be a versatile database/platform with quite a few relevant and important products incorporated. This seemed to be a comprehensive platform with products such as a drug guide, diseases & disorders EBM guidelines and Medline Journals (some that we not necessarily subscribe to). Definitely a high quality product.

uCentral can easily be downloaded and accessed via mobile or tablet. The most important aspect for usage is that no access to Internet will be required. This empowers the student to do a quick and easy search which will provide them with a comprehensive overview of what they are looking for, being a disease or a guideline etc. Information on the go.

Furthermore textbooks can also be downloaded for a period of the 12 month subscription, thus hassle free. The versatile usage of this product makes it such an essential tool for doctors and students no matter where they find themselves.

The Unbound Medline can provide you with powerful searching and can also restrict easily to just clinical information.

- Susan Scheepers, Information Specialist, Medical Library, University of Pretoria, South Africa

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