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Data for a deeper understanding

Music ID delivers the narrative of music in its cultural, economic and social context. International sales of all artists across 74 countries for all genres are displayed in vivid graphs and representations. See what was not visible until Music ID and its groundbreaking software revealed the story of music.

A statistical meta-narrative of popular culture

For the first time software presents and visualises the data in 'a statistical meta-narrative of popular culture' for research across humanities subject disciplines. 

New Unique Data Sets

5,452 Charts across the world (all genres) since the 1950s updated each week.

Date range starting in 1955 

Classical data represented worldwide in 74 countries with 222 charts. 

Complete Billboard data set, 129 Billboard charts since inception. 

Analytics. Visualisation. Evidentiary support for theories.

Our software is able to analyse freely available data and licensed data.
We can analyse data our customers would like to have added to the software.

Music ID is a groundbreaking research source, one that brings together for the first time, sound recording sales charts for a wide variety of music genres from around the world. Its search interface is intuitive and returns quickly-comprehensible results, which can in turn be manipulated in useful ways... overall Music ID provides a very solid value for the price. Music ID content is tremendously valuable; the charts from which it derives its data go back, in some cases, more than 60 years... the product already fills such a significant need for music researchers.
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- Rick Anderson, The Charleston Advisor, 

Enjoy the Benefits of Music ID in Survey Courses

The Math and the Magic

  • Current and archival sales data from Billboard and others since inception in the 1950s

  • *New* Spotify (including stream counts), Shazam, Apple Music, iTunes in each country

  • Over 200 million data points, reaching enterprise scale software for analytical insights.

  • Data from 74 countries

  • Chart ranking positions and awards

  • 5,452 chart types from K-pop to Classical

  • All genres and micro genres tracked

  • Multi artist/chart/territory analysis. Intuitive to the user.

  • Attractive, easy to understand visualisation tools

  • Weekly updates

  • Copyright-cleared audio and video samples, sales graphs, articles

  • No expertise in statistics required



Enjoy the Benefits of Music ID in Survey Courses

The World Events demonstrate influences driven by music through its power.

Explore how taste in music is renewed by political and historical lenses and perspectives.

Reveal The Rhythms of Change with Music ID

For more than half a century, the consumption of recorded music has formed the improvised soundtrack to our society. Like a lovingly-crafted mixtape or a playlist shared instantly with the swipe of a finger, what we listen to, purchase and stream has said as much about the world in which we live as any election result, newspaper article, hit movie or fashion trend.

Now, Music ID puts 60 years of global music industry data at the fingertips of researchers, and provides the tools to interrogate, analyse and evaluate this rich seam of information, with applications across an incredible range of research topics. This high-quality database and software facilitate lines of enquiry that were previously impossible.

From Classical to K-Pop …

Music ID brings together an unparalleled variety of charts are included - of all different formats and genres - from over 70 countries. Whether your interest is in the U.S.A. or China, jazz or folk, rock or EDM, Classical or funk, golden oldies or grime, Music ID is the only service that provides all of the information you need – from the 1950s to last weekend!

… Vinyl to MP3 (and back again)

Almost 4,000 different charts, many with deep historical data reaching back many decades to inception, are brought together in Music ID – where their contents are aligned and connected, to enable easy one-stop searching and powerful organisation of results.

Music ID is updated weekly with the latest charts of physical and digital sales, downloads, streams and even Shazam search results.

Imagine… the world’s entire music streaming history at your fingertips – Spotify, Shazam, Apple Music, iTunes?

New Sources, New Insights

Whether you're a musicologist, economist or sociologist, you can find new evidence, develop new theories and explore new topics with the information included in in Music ID. The sales rankings provided by chart data allow for analysis of artist careers, the impact and manifestation of societal changes on popular culture and the changing fortunes of the music industry itself.

Disciplines which can benefit from access to this vast set of more than 53 million datapoints include: communication studies, music, history, economics, marketing, business studies, gender and ethnicity studies – amongst others. Through Music ID, scholars can easily and intuitively wield ‘Big Data’ to enhance their work with factual rigour and participate in the growing disciplines of ‘Digital Humanities’ and ‘Digital Social Sciences’, answering such questions as:

Who kept The Beatles' Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever from reaching Number 1 in the UK?

What makes the soundtrack to a recession?

When did hip hop enter the mainstream?

Where has Madonna topped the charts for longest?

How have new formats and business models changed the way audiences consume music?

Why did Billboard include album tracks in their 'Hot 100' before the boom in downloads?

With day-to-day downloads from iTunes, data on streaming from Apple Music and Spotify and information on search results from Shazam, Music ID is now even more capable of illuminating the zeitgeist and revealing surprising facts about the fast-changing modern music business. Issues such as the rapid replacement of downloading with streaming, and the opportunities for forgotten artists to become popular on the back of social media interest can all be explored in depth using the power of Music ID.

Music ID connects researchers and students with the world of commerce, supporting their insights and theories with hard data and helping them discover new avenues of enquiry.

Show Me, Don't Tell Me


Our software is able to analyse freely available data and licensed data. 
We can analyse data our customers would like to have added to the software. 

Music ID provides researchers with bespoke visualisation tools, to help them draw meaning out of the vast array of data. Chart information is displayed as exportable, interactive tables and graphs, which users can customise to their individual needs, by overlaying and combining different vectors or sorting by a range of relevant criteria.

Want to compare the posthumous careers of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley? You can do that!

Interested in whether Metal or Hip Hop was selling more in the 1980s? Put it on a graph!

Personalised Research Folders allow users to keep track of their research and return to look at past findings or re-run queries on the latest data. All of these features are included to help scholars locate rigorous, factual data.

Designed for Researchers and Information Professionals

  • Over 5,452 different charts, including albums, singles, specialist genre charts, downloads, streams (Apple and Spotify) and the most important results from Shazam queries

  • Data from 74 countries

  • Coverage from the 1950s to the present day

  • Authoritative chart data from the most respected sources

  • Updated weekly

  • Powerful search and results visualisation tools

  • Links to contextual and supplementary content, including events timeline and biographies

  • Multi-disciplinary applications

  • Available as an annual subscription

“Music ID’s content is tremendously valuable; the charts from which it derives its data go back, in some cases, more than 60 years... the product already fills such a significant need for music researchers.”

  • The Charleston Advisor

“…provides us with a statistical meta-narrative of popular culture…”

  • University of Nottingham

“It will make music librarians wonder how we got by without it until now”

  • Notes review, Music Library Association

“[Music ID] sets itself apart from other online music resources, by using analytical tools …”

  • Booklist Online

Find Out For Yourself!

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Imagine being able to link data on music from around the world with industry trends, commercial information and artist biographies.

Imagine… a social, political, economic and cultural Systems Theory context for music sales and streaming data?

Well here it all is!

Music ID is widely used in courses and research covering:

  • Music Business

  • Introductory courses on History of Rock etc.

  • Classical and Jazz courses tracking performance history

  • Entertainment Industry

  • Mus​i​c and Society

  • Film & Media Studies

  • Cultural Studies

  • Business Studies

  • Political Science and social change

  • History and Statistics

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All the Data you Need… all in one Place

Music ID is the world’s only single source provider of historical and current data from Billboard, Official Chart Company, Spotify, Shazam, Apple Music, iTunes

from 74 countries around the world.

Fresh data brought together in uniquely useful ways.

  • Create fresh perspectives on music trends

  • Quantify the cultural impact of music

  • Reveal previously invisible patterns

  • Clarify new and original insights

Get the whole picture. See it. Study it. Share it.

Use music ID to tell the story of the impact of music on society and cultures.

“Music ID provides us with a statistical metanarrative for popular culture”

Jasmine Shadrack at Northampton University

International stream counts

Links to Leading Music Journals

Instant links to leading popular music journals; including Cambridge University Press' Popular Music, Wiley's Journal of Popular Music Studies, and Taylor and Francis' Popular Music and Society and Rock's Backpages.

World Events

Identify the impact of music on political science, cultural studies, american studies and music history with economic, political, entertainment, sporting and scientific key fact context using for each year.

Proven, created in close consultation with experienced music librarians, and academics Music ID is an essential academic tool for scholars, students and researchers across music and social sciences.


MusicWeb helps you make the connections and gives you more context for any artist or group you study with bios, videos and related artists.

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