We Provide the Data – You Give it Meaning!

Imagine being able to easily track the impact of a hit song globally, compare an artist’s success relative to their prior output, pinpoint the exact moment when a new style broke into the mainstream, or challenge the accepted narrative of popular music history––all at the touch of a button. With MusicID, 60 years of trusted global music industry data lies at your fingertips!

Benefits for Researchers:

  • Quick and easy access to authoritative data from Billboard, Spotify, Apple Music, GfK, Shazam, and more
  • Explore up-to-date sales rankings that break down current trends across different charts, markets, and countries
  • Investigate prior music industry trends using historical data dating back to the 1950s
  • Compare the relative success of artists, songs, and albums across different charts, countries, and time periods
  • Use hard data to confirm or deny previous theories, or to develop new ones
  • Customise built-in visualization tools to map out and export your data sets

Benefits for Teachers:

  • Utilize MusicID in the classroom to provide clear visual examples of particular historical moments or the success of particular artists, songs, or albums
  • Assign students hands-on exercises where they can experiment within the platform to identify large-scale trends. Particularly useful in survey courses on the history of popular music
  • Incorporate MusicID as a scholarly source in research papers or as part of large-scale data-driven projects in the Digital Humanities or Digital Social Sciences
  • Build new and innovative courses around access to 60 years of global music industry data

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