Discover amazing new connections through the semantic web using linked data to assess musical and social relationships. The data is also integrated for music awards and textbooks.

MusicWeb is a companion resource to Music ID. It is based on semantic indexing software which identifies relevant resources on the Internet including video, audio, related artists and biographical information. The software uses sophisticated linked data systems to bring the information together for the user in one intuitive page. It covers the full range of music artists – pop, rock, classical, jazz and world music whether their recordings entered the charts or not. It is continually updated in real time, so if a new album of an artist or composer is released or a new video appears then MusicWeb will find it and display it. Although the data is available on the Internet, it has never before been brought together with sophisticated semantic indexing tools which update relevant information in real time.

In addition to bios, videos and audio for each artist, the software provides information about relationships – displayed in boxes listing related artists, with a caption defining the type of relationship. These boxes may include bands and other artists the musician has worked with, members of bands, other bands formed in the same year, other bands from the same city and so on.

Some of the relationships may appear to be uninteresting to academic users. The key point however is that these relationships are based on what Internet users are actually looking at, and as such bring back information which our semantic indexing software determines users are accessing in real time.