MusicID Revenue

Tracking the Top-Earning Artists, Songs, and Albums

Formulated from more than 200 million data points, MusicID Revenue lets you easily track the worldwide top earning recordings of the 21st century. Discover the most successful artists, singles, and albums of the last twenty years––all at the touch of a button!

Using a proprietary algorithm that estimates earnings based on MusicID’s authoritative weekly music chart data, MusicID Revenue provides an aggregate of total global chart success. Instead of tracking information across individual charts, researchers can now quickly compare an artist’s overall success across years, a hit song’s rise and fall in global popularity, the top selling album of a particular year, and so much more. MusicID Revenue also incorporates built-in visualisation tools, which condense our granular data into clear, easy-to-read graphs.

With MusicID Revenue, you can easily find the answers to such questions as:

Who are the bestselling artists of the 21st century?

What are the highest grossing singles since 2000?

What are the top 200 highest grossing albums of the last twenty years?

Who had the best-selling single of 2017?

What was the top-earning album of 2011?

Which Kendrick Lamar tracks were the most successful?

Which Coldplay album made the most money worldwide?

When did “Uptown Funk” peak in global popularity?

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