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Quantify the cultural impact of music.

Data for your insights. See what's invisible to others.

Aristotle, "The soul never thinks without an image".

(Downloads and Streaming now influence the rankings - see the Billboard method)

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Top 30 singles from 2010-2014

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Introduction and product overview (2 minutes)

A guided tour of a simple search for a specific chart on a date, in a country, and options to view specialist charts. From there further analysis proceeds in various user journeys.

Slide presentation: Artist Search (13 slides)

An overview of general functionality, and the key features which enable research into popular, classical, jazz and world music worldwide.

Album Search - data about sales rankings drives new research

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Creating a custom graph (3 minutes)

Custom graphs enable the user to superimpose graphs from different artists, countries and formats, and display them in absolute time as well as relative time – where charts are superimposed from the first week they charted.

Example search: Music and Politics (1.5 minutes)

An insight into Music and Politics - case study of the Dixie Chicks and their comments on the war in Iraq in 2003.

Example search: Classical Music in the Spotlight (2 minutes)

Classical music under the spotlight - Nicola Benedetti the violinist has achieved success in classical and crossover. Insights into her success in new detail.

Example search: Michael Jackson vs Nirvana (1.2 minutes)

Michael Jackson overtaken by Nirvana in 1992 - did Metallica a 'niche' heavy metal band trounce them both?

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