Data visualisation using Music ID to show The Beatles, Beyonce and others in the US, UK and Japan.

Research conducted at the Northeastern University by Steven Braun

View the application developed with an API to the 'big data' sets within Music ID. It is an excellent example of the insights available to digital humanities.

What do they have in common? They are all artists who have achieved international success with their music.

Top music charts around the world are not always dominated by artists native to their respective countries. Often, top-ranking music singles jump from one chart to another as the music of artists from one country spreads to others. This animation gives us a way of visually quantifying these movements between three countries to show how music charts are, quite literally, passing the beat across the Atlantic and Pacific.

Cross Over Artists 1

Cross Over Artists 2

Cross Over Artists 3

This is the code which digital humanitarians may find of interest.

This is the application for scholars to research artists in these countries. Quantify the cultural impact of music.