For Publishers

Academic Rights Press is engaged in licensing academic information for distribution to libraries. ARP has relationships

with leading academic publishers in North America and Europe.

Academic Rights Press distributes eBook collections and academic full text databases to academic libraries in the UK and

Europe, and with our distribution partners in the developing academic library markets of Asia, the Middle East, and South


What we do for Publishers

There is a significant demand for information in the developing markets covering a number of disciplines listed below.

We can offer Publishers and their Authors exposure to the Asian markets, and a significant revenue stream from the region.

What we do for Librarians

Many librarians recognise that eBooks offer an ideal opportunity to increase existing collections while enhancing users'

research experiences at the same time. Our Director Library Relations is available to serve librarians in the UK,

Europe, Middle East and Africa, and will put librarians in touch with sales teams in other parts of the world.

How we work

The eBook platform on which we mount digitised books and journals can accommodate a wide range of source materials,

including images and rich media, tables, statistical information and graphs. The platform also enables instant translation of

English texts into Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese, so that scholars and university faculty in

the region can engage with published materials in their own language as part of their research, as well as access the

English text.


Our security system enables the pages of eBooks to be protected, to prevent copying or even prevent printing if that is the

requirement of the Publisher.

Marketing the Publisher brand

The books licensed from Publishers would be incorporated in a stand alone database with your own branding and marque,

as a symbol of the importance of the academic standing of the materials. It will not be commingled with other books from

other publishers. As such a database of each Publishers copyright material is sold as a stand alone product, and marketed

to academic librarians as an entity with editorial direction emanating from the publisher.

Business Model

We are sensitive to the outlook of individual Publishers and their requirements. For example, you will probably be

forming an internal strategy for online publishing, and an assessment of various channels to market. We are qualified

by several decades of work in this sector to discuss these issues, and our goal is to listen to your thoughts on these issues,

so that we can work with you in order to make these important materials available to the Asian academic community.

Pricing and royalties are set jointly with publishers to deliver a rewarding value proposition.

Subject disciplines

Publishers can contact us here and Librarians can request trials here: