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Past Masters from InteLex: English Letters

Since 1989, InteLex has been publishing the Past Masters® series of full-text humanities databases. The focus is on the needs of the scholarly community in the human sciences. InteLex assembles and publishes cohesive collections of excellent editions, in both original language and in English translation, using meticulous text conversion processes.

Semantic indexing combined with powerful XML web-based search and reference tools, makes the Past Masters series a leading resource for scholars with significantly-enhanced and highly-flexible access to the classic texts.

Since 2001, InteLex has been producing the largest collection of English Letters in electronic form, in conjunction with Oxford University Press and Pickering & Chatto. This collection encompasses the letters, correspondence, and in some instances the diaries and the notebooks of the most significant figures in English literature, letters, politics, the church and the arts.

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* Bacon: Letters and Life

* Baillie: Collected Letters

* Bentham: Correspondence

* Boyle: Correspondence

* Burney: Journals and Letters

* Coleridge: Collected Letters

* Defoe: Works

* Dickens: Letters (New for 2010)

* Eliot's Notebooks and Library

* Gladstone: Diaries

* Hardy: Collected Letters

* Hobbes: Correspondence

* Johnson: Letters and Life

* Locke: Correspondence

* Newman: Letters and Diaries

* Prozzi: Letters

* Pope: Correspondence

* The Romantic Age

* Shelley (Mary): Journals

* Scott, Walter, Sir: Waverley Novels.

* Swift: Correspondence

* Synge: Correspondence

* Tennyson: Letters

* Wordsworth: Collected Letters

* Yeats: Collected Letters

"Pope's letters arrived today, with amazing speed. And all is well - I can't begin to say how much I value having this correspondence to hand, and in such usable form. Thank you so much for your help, and indeed for making this resource available. I'm sure I'll be back for more."

Dr. Penelope Wilson

Faculty of English

University of Cambridge