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InteLex Corporation's PAST MASTERS series encompasses the world's largest collection of full-text electronic editions in philosophy. The series also includes significant collections in political thought, religious studies, sociology, the history of science, economics, and classics. Original language texts are available in Latin, French, German, Danish and Dutch, aside from English and English translation.

Each Past Masters collection from InteLex is affordably-priced and can be acquired individually on a perpetual rights model, with unlimited user access and IP authentication - allowing customers to build their own, bespoke digital library of texts and to add new components, to meet faculty and student needs, at a time that suits them. Institutions acquiring collections from Past Masters can support their print-to-digital programs and free up precious space within the library, whilst broadening and easing access to the materials for researchers wherever and whenever they need it.

What’s new?

New 2020:

Immanuel Kant: Vorlesungen

Coming Fall 2019, notable new authors and collections include:

Peirce Manuscripts - There has been much demand for the writings of C.S. Peirce, the American philosopher, logician, mathematician and scientist known as "the father of pragmatism". Available November.

Boyd Henry Bode - Leading spokesman for pragmatism in the philosophy of education.

Wilfrid Stalker Sellars - American philosopher and prominent developer of critical realism.

Lamennais Collection - Catholic priest, philosopher and political theorist Hugues-Félicité Robert de Lamennais was one of the most influential intellectuals of Restoration France.

Friedrich Schiller - the literary giant and formidable thinker.

And coming to the Past Masters Commons series, available to all subscribers at no additional cost:

Auguste Comte - The French philosopher and writer, often regarded as the first philosopher of science and as the founder of the academic discipline of sociology.

Pierre Bayle - a 4 volume English translation of Pierre Bayle's Dictionary

Previous updates

Chinese Classics I: Philosophy

Works of Dugald Stewart

The Minute Logic of C. S. Peirce

OUP James Legge editions of Chinese classics (English translation with original Chinese)

New 2018:

Giordano Bruno: Works (German and Italian Facing Pages)

Anton Chekhov: Complete Works

New 2017:

Forthcoming Fall/Winter 2017:

Collected Works of Bernard Mandeville (English, Latin, English translation)

The Presocratics (Greek)

Franciscan Institute

Past Masters Commons

de Montaigne, Michel: Complete Works

New 2016:

Ernst Cassirer: Gesammelte Werke. Hamburger Ausgabe

Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi: Werke

Boswell, James. Private Papers

Hogg, James. Stirling/South Carolina Research Edition of the Collected Works.