Full Text of Review (1 June 2015)

This title should be owned by every research library serving serious scholars in the humanities.

Cheryl LaGuardia (Widener Library, Harvard University)

In the world of scholarly electronic publishing, InteLex continues to get it right, as they have from the beginning: working closely with scholarly editors, selecting high-quality editions to digitize, marking them up carefully and well according to international standards, and permitting libraries either to rent them over the Internet or to purchase, own and locally house them, as we do print editions—all at reasonable prices. I recommend InteLex databases to libraries wholeheartedly, not only because they are superior publications and a good deal, but also because InteLex is the kind of electronic publisher that academic libraries need most in the 21st century.

Scott Dennis (Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library, University of Michigan, USA)

InteLex goes to unusual lengths to guarantee editorial and technical accuracy and excellence...Highly recommended for academic libraries and research libraries serving literary scholarship.

Harvard University Library, Database and Disc Reviews, Library Journal

An invaluable tool, which not only saves time, but makes possible research of a thoroughness not previously possible.

Roger Crisp, Editor of Utilitas, St. Anne's College, Oxford University, U.K.

The Bottom Line: Past Masters is an essential online resource for its target audience, upper-level undergraduates and scholarly researchers. Not only does it make key philosophical works accessible on users’ desktops 24/7, but it also provides in-text citations and searchable text. In addition, à la carte database customization makes it financially accessible not only to large universities and research libraries but also to smaller academic institutions and medium to large public libraries, for which it is recommended highly.

Christopher Holly, DePaul University Libraries, Library Journal

An easy-to-learn and -use but extremely powerful scholarly tool. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to do serious work.

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie

InteLex's resources in philosophy and social thought have long been a mainstay of our collection at the Electronic Text Service. The company's selection of resources, careful text editing, and sensitivity to the budgetary constraints of academic institutions make them a model of what scholarly academic publishing in the electronic field should be.

Robert Scott, Head, Columbia University, U.S.A.

REviews of Individual editions

Saint Augustine - Opera Omnia

"The Corpus Augustinianum Gissense is a marvel. The serious student of Augustine will want to have it and use it regularly. Put another way, no serious scholarship on Augustine will now be possible that does not take advantage of such tools."

Prof J. J. O'Donnell (University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

The Works of Aphra Behn

Todd’s The Works of Aphra Behn presents Behn’s fiction with the full apparatus it deserves, hitherto only found in editions of her drama or her most famous novel, Oroonoko. Todd compliments her critical introductions with detailed critical and textual notes, reproductions of original title pages and other relevant contemporary images, and in case of the "Love-Letters Between a Nobleman and His Sister," extensive appendixes containing source material and variants. . . . The available volumes of Todd’s edition help define the role of women in issues that currently preoccupy many Romantic scholars. . . . I hope this new, superior edition of Behn’s work will stimulate more studies of this type.

Catherine Decker, "The Wordsworth Circle"

Pickering and Chatto

Pickering & Chatto are offering, to their credit, the best editions yet produced of Carter, Montagu and Talbot, and provocative recastings of the achievements of Seward, Reeve and Scott.

Helen Small, The Times Literary Supplement

Having the whole output of a single author as a complete set arranged in chronological order is a resource of incalculable value.

P. J. James (Archives of Natural History)

Letters of Charles Dickens

Being able to access online the Pilgrim edition of The Collected Letters of Charles Dickens is a blessing for students and lovers of Mr. Dickens which cannot be overestimated. The twelve volumes of these vital windows into Dickens’ mind are now available quickly and easily. InteLex is demonstrating the real benefits of the Age of Technology; I am hugely grateful.

Miriam Margolyes

Eighteenth Century Women Playwrights

Eighteenth Century Women Playwrights is a meticulously edited, informatively annotated, and beautifully produced six-volume anthology of plays; general editor Derek Hughes and publisher Pickering & Chatto are to be commended for making these works accessible and comprehensible to today’s reader. The collection transcribes the first editions of twenty-five plays—most previously unavailable in modern editions—written by the eighteenth-century’s most famous women dramatists. . . .

The strength of this anthology obviously lies in the dramatic works, shown at their best due to the care with which they have been selected and edited. But it is the well researched and engagingly written introductions and notes which make the works come alive for the reader. Eighteenth Century Women Playwrights will ensure a new audience for these works; it will also ensure an audience that understands the richly varied lives—the literary ambitions, theatrical expectations, political concerns, and feminist positions—of these women writers. Hughes and the volume editors are to be thanked for an anthology no academic library should be without.

Cheryl L. Nixon, Eighteenth-Century Women

The Correspondence of Thomas Hobbes

“These two volumes constitute the first collection of Hobbes' known correspondence, and their publication is therefore an important literary and philosophical event. . . . They open a window onto many aspects of the 17th century world, anyone interested in history, literature, politics, philosophy, and the history of science will find them utterly absorbing. . . . Interest in Hobbes has been steadily reviving in recent years, and Malcolm's magnificent edition of his correspondence will help to spur that process.

Financial Times

Works and Correspondence of William James

Now, with the completion of Manuscript Lectures, the 19th volume and 17th title of The Works of William James, scholars have the opportunity to delve into nearly the entire corpus of his published and unpublished writings. . . . James aficionados will be deeply indebted to Frederick H. Burkhardt and Fredson Bowers, the general editor and textual editor of The Works of William James, for textual criticism, and to Mr. Skrupskelis for the almost flawless archival digging that produced James’s original sources throughout the project.

New York Times Rook Review

Soren Kierkegaard's Journals and Papers

I'm more than satisfied! I actually have the complete set of the printed version of the Journals and Papers, so I was hesitating about whether to get the digital version as well. But now that I have it, there's no question about it. Searching is so much quicker and more convenient. By their very nature, the Journals and Papers are a hodge-podge of miscellaneous things, and this speeds things up immensely.

Prof. Paul V. Spade (Indiana University, U.S.A.)

... scholars have a great deal to gain from the purchase of these databases, or by encouraging the libraries at their institutions to obtain them.

Paul Lodge (Tulane University, U.S.A.), The Leibniz Review v.11 2001 (pp. 51-57)

The Collected Papers of Charles Sanders Peirce

To anyone wanting to explore the thoughts of Peirce, this . . . is a godsend. There are many rich diagrams in the text . . . and they appear on the screen effortlessly.

Professor Paul Ernest (University of Exeter), Review in Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal

Wittgensteins Nachlass. The Bergen Electronic Edition

Readers can, for the first time, observe the philosopher at work, transferring paragraphs from pocket notebooks to handwritten "volumes"; picking acceptable remarks to be included in type-scripts that are, at a later stage, cut up into slips of paper which are again annotated, rearranged and put together in further volumes and type-scripts.

Herbert Hrachovec (Institut für Philosophie, University of Vienna, Austria)

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