New perspectives on music trends   

Music ID is a growing repository of historical and current data from Billboard, GfK Entertainment and many more reporting agencies from over 30 countries around the world. Sales data drives the rankings. Rankings tell the story of the impact of music on society and cultures.

Quantify the cultural impact of music.

Data for your insights. See what's invisible to others.

Aristotle, "The soul never thinks without an image".

What unique need does Music ID address?
See the whole picture in new ways. Data is brought together in a way that makes it uniquely useful.
  • Comprehensive authenticated data sets from inception in the 1950s to the present.
  • Free Internet lists do not offer the completeness, authority, analytical platform and reliable data of Music ID.
  • See what could not be ‘seen’ before across 30 countries. The data reveals patterns which were not visible before.

What does Music ID do that customers cannot do for themselves?

  • Trusted, complete and authenticated licensed data sets. Get beyond individual weekly snapshots on the free Internet. 
  • Flexible platform for analysis across different artists and countries covering all genres of music.
  • Overcome the 'data smog' of the free Internet (Time Magazine). Gather insights across all genres of music in 30 countries.
  • Keep at the forefront of research with authentic ‘big data’ revealing new insights.
In a very wide range of research questions the sales data drives the rankings and deliver valuable new insights for interpretation and discussion by scholars.
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Powerful analytics

Sophisticated tools allow scholars to interpret the impact of music using the
sales data that drives the rankings
to analyse, compare and contrast musical trends in place and time at the touch of a button.

Copyright-cleared sound samples 
Listen to audio samples for each track and album* quickly and easily.

*70% coverage at launch.

Links to leading music journals

Instant links to leading popular music journals; including Cambridge University Press' Popular Music, Wiley's Journal of Popular Music Studies, and Taylor and Francis' Popular Music and Society and Rock's Backpages.

World Events

Put music in context with economic, political, entertainment, sporting and scientific key facts for each year - as part of the positioning of the impact of music on political science, cultural studies, american studies and music history.

Over 60 years of music data

A single search of all content - international charting albums and singles in many genres under exclusive academic licence from Billboard and similar authorised providers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Innovative yet intuitive functionality

Developed in close consultation with experienced music librarians, Music ID has been tried and tested to ensure it is accessible to scholars, students and researchers in diverse music and social science disciplines.

Music Data Analysis

Explore videos on how to use Music ID and read Research Insights about its use in scholarship. We feature a new companion database of semantic indexing of the web bringing together videos, bios and artist relationships in MusicWeb

MusicWeb - semantic indexing of artists

The innovative service MusicWeb brings together information every artist (including those which never had albums or singles in the charts). This includes videos, bios, and relationships with other bands, artists and similar genres.