Music Industry Data

The World’s Premier Aggregator of Global Music Industry Data

“It will make music librarians wonder how we got by without it until now”

-Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association

Music ID is an academic research tool that utilizes powerful analytics to compile global music industry data into a single, easy-to-use platform. Incorporating 5,452 different charts spanning 74 countries, Music ID provides access to information on iTunes downloads, Spotify and Apple Music streams, and Shazam searches, as well as contemporary and historical data from Billboard, the Official Charts Company, GfK, and much more. The data is in the form of overall sales rankings, which is the preferred way to compare performance across artists and countries. Its built-in visualization tools present information via interactive, exportable tables and graphs, which users can also customise to their individual needs.

Through Music ID, scholars can easily and intuitively wield ‘Big Data’ to enhance their work and participate in the growing fields of Digital Humanities and Digital Social Sciences. Whether you’re in Communications, Cultural Studies, Economics, Marketing, Musicology, Music Industry, or Sociology, Music ID’s more than 200 million data points let you plot major industry trends across decades, breakdown individual performance week-by-week, compare success internationally, and so much more. Quantify the cultural impact of music.

Outstanding Features:

  • Quick and convenient access to 5,452 different charts, including albums, singles, and specialist genre charts, as well as ranking data on Apple Music and Spotify Streams, iTunes downloads, and Shazam queries updated weekly
  • Authoritative chart data from the most respected sources, including current and archival sales data from Billboard, the Official Charts Company, GfK, and more
  • Data from 74 countries
  • Coverage from the 1950s to the present day
  • Search by artist, album, single, or date
  • Multiple charts broken down by genre, including Christian, Classical, Country, Dance, Electronica, Folk, Gospel, Jazz, Latin, R&B, and Rock charts
  • Powerful visualisation tools
  • Ability to customise and export data sets for further analysis
  • Personalised Research Folders that allow you to keep track of your research and re-run queries with the latest data
  • Links to contextual and supplementary content, including world events timeline and artist biographies
  • Available as an annual subscription or perpetual license