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MusicID provides researchers with sophisticated infographics and authoritative data, making it an essential tool for advancing new insights and ideas.

Like the industry itself, MusicID moves with the times, now representing a universe of more than 300 million rows of data representing 74 countries, updated every week. This data can be mined, refined and illustrated with state-of-the-art visualisation tools to provide the most cogent research presentations.

How does one measure the growth of the music industry, or the level of exposure an artist has had in a country? MusicID provides relevant quantitative data in moments, capturing the differing channels from physical to digital, with chart histories and streaming counts for all formats. Our data allows the user not only to quantify the cultural impact of music, but also accurately to adapt to the complexity of the increasingly digital Gen Z landscape.

Learn about the kinds of research insights that MusicID makes possible with this short video. (View the accompanying infographics on our case studies page.)

With MusicID, you can stop sifting through back-issues of trade magazines and get the data you need at the touch of a button, all in one place. Learn more about the features and benefits of the three modules of our platform below!

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MusicID comprises three modules:


Incorporating 5,452 different charts spanning 74 countries, MusicID Data provides access to perpetually-updated, week-to-week information on Spotify streaming, as well as contemporary and historical data from Billboard, GfK, and more. Instant custom infographics present the data clearly, giving users the flexibility to combine and compare worldwide chart information, export relevant datasets, and more. Click the link above to learn more about our platform's unique features benefits.


MusicID Revenue tracks the top earning recordings of the 21st century worldwide, revealing the most successful artists, singles, and albums of the last twenty years. Our original and transparent calculations provide indicative revenue across the entire industry since year 2000—not only for new releases—all displayed in easy to read bar graphs. You won't find a more accurate, comprehensive, and easy-to-use overview of industry earnings anywhere online.


With data going back to 1900, MusicID Impact provides a meta-narrative of popular music history, supplying research data on the top artists, songs, and albums for every year, every decade, for the entire history of recorded music!

MusicID is the most consistent, coherent and accurate on the market, second to none for supporting digital humanities projects.

The advanced functionality offered in our innovative and unprecedented platform enables detailed analysis of sales patterns and exploration of insights which could not be seen before.

Our publicly available Revenue and Impact modules offer indicative revenue calculations since 2000 and worldwide rankings of the top albums, artists and songs since 1900. With the MusicID Data platform, you don't have to take our word for it—discover the source data for yourself.

Invaluable for Music courses, MusicID is also relevant for academic course-work and research in many liberal arts programmes, including Gender Studies, African-American History, World Culture, Journalism and Media Studies, as well as work in Economics and Statistics. Visit our case studies page to see some of the possibilities.

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