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Hearts in Atlantis (2001) - dark pink

House of D (2004) - orange

Huff (Season 1) - blue

Alpha Dog (2006) - green

Star Trek 2009 - light pink

Terminator Salvation (2009) - salmon pink

Fright Night (2011) - light orange

Drake wins big in Canada. Take a look here at 3 of his albums and the sales rankings in US and Canada:

Take Care (US) - pink

Take Care (Canada) - orange

Nothing was the same (US) - blue

Nothing was the same (Canada) - red

If you're reading this, it's too late (US) - brown

If you're reading this, it's too late (Canada) - purple

Blade Runner is in the making. Take a look at the retail sales ranking of the first movie here:

Blade Runner.png

Blade Runner (DVD) - Orange

Blade Runner (30th anniversary edition) - pink

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were famous for their classic collections of folk songs and folk tales. They were among the best-known storytellers of folk tales, and popularized stories such as "Cinderella" ("Aschenputtel"), "The Frog Prince" ("Der Froschkönig"), "The Goose-Girl" ("Die Gänsemagd"), "Hansel and Gretel" ("Hänsel und Gretel"), "Rapunzel", "Rumpelstiltskin" ("Rumpelstilzchen"),"Sleeping Beauty" ("Dornröschen"), and "Snow White" ("Schneewittchen"). Have a look at their correspondence, now available on the InteLex Past Master Series platform.

Brian Grazer is producing a remake of the 1984 movie ‘Splash”. The 20th anniversary on DVD did much better in the retail sales rankings then the VHS-edition. Look at the sales rankings:


Splash (VHS) - pink

Splash (20th anniversary on DVD) - orange

Kenny Rogers is doing his farewell tour. Take a look at some of his hits on the sales rankings:

Kenny Rogers.png

The Gambler (single) - pink

Ruby, don’t take your love to town (single) - orange

The Gambler (album) - blue

The Beatles single “Paperback Writer” was written and produced 50 years ago. For the first time a song could be heard with a high bass factor. How did “Paperback Writer” fared in the sales ranking against the albums ‘Rubber Soul and ‘Revolver’? Take a look:


Paperback Writer (1966) - pink

Rubber Soul (1965) - orange

Revolver (1966) - blue

"The Predator", a new movie will be released in Feb 2017. How did the other Predator movies ranked in the sales?


Predator (1987) on VHS - pink

Predator (1987) on DVD - blue

Predator 2 (1990) on VHS - orange

Predator 2 (1990) on DVD - red

The Monkees are releasing their new album, Good Times, to celebrate 50 years on 27 May 2016. Look at the sales rankings of some of their other albums:


Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. (1986) - Purple

Pool It! (1987) - Orange

Headquarters (1967) - Blue

X-Men: Apocalypse will be in theatres this weekend. Here are the retail sales rankings of all the previous X-Men movies:

X-Men (2000) - pink

X2 X-Men United (2003) - orange

X-Men Last Stand (2006) - blue

X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009) - Green

X-Men First Class (2011) - red

Wolverine (2013) - Purple

X-Men Days of Future Past (2014) - Olive Green

Lady Gaga has a new album on the horizon and it will be her first since her last solo Artpop. See how it did in the sales rankings here:


Terry Gilliam has been trying to make the movie “Don Quixote” for the past 20 years. Now it seems that his dream will come true. Here are the retail sales rankings of some of his other movies he directed:


“Fisher King” (1991) - Pink

“Time Bandits” (1981) - Orange

“Brothers Grimm” (2005) - Blue

“12 Monkeys” (1996) - Red

“Zero Theorem” (2013) - Purple

The Stone Roses, an English band has released its first original single in 21 years. Take a look here at the sales rankings of their previous albums:

Stone Roses.png

“Fools Gold” (1990) - blue dot

“The Stone Roses” (1990) - orange

“Second Coming” (1995) - pink

Martin Scorsese is going to make another mob movie “The Irishman” starring Robert de Niro and Al Pacino. He has been trying to make this movie since 2010. Here are the retail sales rankings of his other mob movies:


“Goodfellas” (1990) - pink

“Casino” (1995) - orange

“The Departed” (2006) - green

“Mean Streets” (1976) - brown

“Raging Bull” (1980) - red

“Gangs of New York” (2002) - purple

“Bringing out the Dead” (1999) - blue

Rodney Rothman produced the musical comedy “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” to be in theatres 3 June 2016. The Lonely Island group wrote the songs for the movie. Here are the retail sales rankings of Rodney Rothman’s previous movies as well as The Lonely Island album sales rankings:


The Lonely Island:

“Incredibad” (2009) - pink

“Turtleneck and Chain” (2011) - orange

“The Whack Album” (2013) - blue

Rodney Rothman:

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” (2008) - red

“Year One” (2009) - purple

“Get Him to the Greek” (2010) - brown

Soul Singer, Billy Paul, from Philadelphia, dies at the age of 81. Paul gained his greatest success when he released his 1972 single “Me and Mrs. Jones, which was written and produced by Gamble and Huff. Here are the sales rankings of “Me and Mrs. Jones” in the US and GB.

Billy Paul.png

US - pink

GB - orange

Guy Pearce is to make his directorial debut with Australian paranormal drama Poor Boy, based on the stage play in which he starred. The Australian actor, known for roles in La Confidential, Memento, Iron Man 3 and Cannes 2014 title The Rover, will also play the lead in the feature. Here are the retail sales rankings of some of the movies he starred in. Will his role as a director be just as great?

Guy Pearce.png

LA Confidential (1997) - Pink

Memento (2000) - Orange

Iron Man 3 (2013) - Blue

The Rover (2014) - Red

Bob Dylan's album “Blonde on Blonde” is 50 years old, one of his greatest. Compare it with his Highway 61 Revisited and Bringing It All Back Home in the sales rankings:


“Blonde on Blonde” (1966) - green

“Highway 61 Revisited” (1965) - brown

“Bringing it all back home” (1965) - purple

Ryan Adams released the album “1989” in November 2015, an exact duplicate of Taylor’s Swift “1989”. Which album fare the best in the sales rankings?

Taylor Swift - pink

Ryan Adams - orange

Radiohead, an English rock band, releases their 9th album A Moon Shaped Pool. The first release since their 2011 album Kings of Limbs. In the 1990’s they had the hit Creep. Here you can see the sales rankings:


Keith Urban released his 8th album “Ripcord”. Here are the sales rankings of his other 7 studio albums:

Keith Urban.png

“Keith Urban” (2000) - pink

“Get Closer” (2010) - orange

“Golden Road” (2002) - blue

“Defying Gravity” (2009) - red

“Be Here” (2004) - purple

“Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing” (2006) - brown

“Fuse” (2013) - green

Jumanji, a new take on the 1996 version is in the making. Robin Williams starred in the 1996 version. Here are the retail sales rankings of the 1996 version:


Michael Jackson and Prince. Born in the same year and rose to fame in the 1980’s. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” made him the King of Pop. Prince’s “Purple Rain” soar in 1984. So how did they compare in the sales rankings:

Jackson and Prince.png

“Thriller” - orange

“Purple Rain” - pink

Bob Dylan is releasing his Fallen Angels on 20 May 2016. Shadows in the Night were recorded at the same time and you can see the sales rankings here. How will Fallen Angels ranked?

Bob Dylan.png

Jungle Book, the story of Mowgli, has been a favorite by everyone over many years. No surprise that the Jungle Book 2016 were a hit at the box office. Take a look here how Jungle Book did in the retail sales rankings since 1967:

Jungle Book.png

Jamala, a Ukrainian singer, has won the 61st annual Eurovision Song Contest with the political song "1944". Here are the sales rankings in the Ukraine in March 2016:

Jamala, "1944" - green dot

Svetlana Loboda, "K Chertu Liubov", - pink

U. Dumanska, "Dvichi V Odnu Richku Ne Vviydesh" - orange

Antytila, "Liudy Yak Korabli" - Blue

Dzidzio, "Marsik" - red

Bumboks, "Liudy" - olive green

Alice Through the Looking Glass directed by James Bobin and a sequel to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland will attract fans world wide. Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska to star in the leading roles. Here are the retail sales ranking of Alice in Wonderland. Will the sequel fare better?

David Bowie's album Blackstar soared in the rankings after his death. Here are the sales rankings in the USA and Great Britain. Will Prince’s Purple Rain follow the same rankings path?

Sales Rankings in the USA - pink

Sales Rankings in Great Britain - orange

Red Hot Chili Peppers announced their first album in five years, with the rockers switching producers but keeping their signature funky touches. The album, The Getaway, is the first by the Chili Peppers since 2011's I'm With You, which brought in guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who is a generation younger than his bandmates. Here are the sales rankings for I’m With You. Will the new album be better in the rankings? We will compare the rankings once the new album comes out on 17 June 2016.

'The Good Wife' Series Finale. The show has come to an end after 7 seasons. Here are the retail sales rankings of the other seasons :

Good Wife.png

Season 1: didn’t ranked in the top 1000

Season 2: pink

Season 3: orange

Season 4: blue

Season 5: red

Season 6: purple

Edmund Husserl: essays, papers, works. Electronic Edition.

A German philosopher who established the School of Phenomenology. Following his PhD in Mathematics, in 1884 he dedicated his life to philosophy after attending lectures of Franz Brentano at the University of Vienna. In 1887 he starting his long teaching career in philosophy at the University of Halle as a Privatdozent. Take a look of the volumes included on the InteLex Past Master Series platform:


Cole Swindle performed 'You Should Be Here' at the Freedom Tower in New York. Will this boost the sales rankings for this single? Here are the sales rankings since beginning of 2016:

Robert De Niro will be honored at Festival de Cannes. De Niro has starred in two winners of the Palme d’Or: Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese in 1976 and The Mission by Roland Joffé in 1986. He has also won two Oscars, the first for The Godfather II by Francis Ford Coppola in 1975 and the other for Scorsese’s Raging Bull in 1981. See how these movies ranked:

Taxi Driver - Pink

The Mission - Blue

The Godfather II - Red

Raging Bull - Orange

William Schallert, Actor and Former SAG President, dies at 93. Here are some of his movies over the years:

Mighty Joe Young (1949) in pink

First Flight (2009) in orange

Patty Duke Show (1963) in blue

In the Heat of the Night (1967) in red

Speedway (1968) in purple

James Levine conducts his final opera at the MET as the Music Director. In the graph you can see some of his top recordings:

Carmen-Fantasie - Anne-Sophie Mutter/James Levine/Wiener Philharmoniker in orange

Live At Carnegie - James Levine/The MET Orchestra/Evgeny Kissin in blue

An Italian Songbook - Cecilia Bartoli/James Levine in red

Schubert: Piano Music For Four Hands - Evgeny Kissin/James Levine in purple

Justin Timberlake will premiere at the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden on 14 May 2016. Compare his albums 'Justified' and '20/20 Experience' in the US and Sweden rankings:

Justified: Swedish ranking in red

Justified: US ranking in blue

20/20 Experience: Swedish ranking in orange

20/20 Experience: US ranking in pink

Captain America: Civil War big hit at box office. See how the other 2 Captain America movies did in this graph:

Captain America: Winter Soldier in orange

Captain America: First Avenger in pink