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August '20

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Quantify the cultural impact of music.

Big data resources do not have to command big cost. MusicID Complete is a trio of premiere professional tools for music industry research, available individually, or subscribe to all three and save 20%.

The Three Products

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MusicID provides researchers with sophisticated infographics and authoritative data, making it an essential tool for advancing new insights and ideas.

Our flagship platform, MusicID, is the world’s premier aggregator of global music industry data. Researchers can easily create infographics from MusicID's comprehensive database, covering 70 years of international charts since the 1950s. MusicID includes contemporary Spotify, Apple Music, and Shazam data, plus calculations of revenue and global impact. It is an essential tool for advancing new insights and ideas.

“Tremendously valuable . . . . Fills such a significant need for researchers.” – The Charleston Advisor

“It will make music librarians wonder how we got by without it until now.” – Notes review, Music Library Association

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Music:)ally is a leader in digital marketing trends and tactics, covering the music industry’s innovation driven by technology since 2002. Subscribers include all three major labels and music publishers, as well as streaming services, managers, tech companies (the FANGS) and universities. The academic edition offers an archive of its past news and analysis, unavailable through regular subscriptions.

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WhoSampled offers the single most comprehensive, detailed and accurate library of sample-based music, cover songs and remixes, as well as classical music quotations. The Academic Pro edition offers an authoritative and detailed granular dataset through our proprietary API.